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The US's occupation of Iraq will see to it that the Lion of Babylon rises again .. سنـُبعـَث من جَديد ، وإلى ضَـيـرِهِـم
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Iraq's Nuclear Mirage ... سَراب السلاح النووي العراقي

Unrevealed Milestones in the Iraqi National Nuclear Program: 1981-1991

معالم وأحداث غير مكشوفة في البرنامج النووي الوطني العراقي 1981-1991

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

"The Last Confession" ...... الإعتراف الأخير

The Iraqi nuclear program as recounted by two of its prominent founders (in Arabic)
قصة البرنامج النووي العراقي يرويها المسؤولان عن انشائه وتطويره
نشرت "الحياة" سبعة حلقات من كتاب جديد للمسؤولين الأبرزين في البرنامج النووي العراقي في عهد الرئيس المخلوع صدام حسين، وكتاب "الإعتراف الأخير" الذي كتبه جعفر ضياء جعفر و نعمان النعيمي سيصدر قريباً عن مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية في بيروت في اواخر الشهر الجاري
Jafar Dhia Jafar ... ... ... ... ...Noaman al-Ni'aimi
Jafar Dhia JafarNoaman al_Ni'aimi

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Who is this site for?

This is an amazing history of terrible events to control Iraq through the UN, under the hammer of the US, ....
and the plan is still ongoing...
I cannot read Arabic but I have seen translated extracts from the Norwegian book that I think is being referred to. Very sad, but there are no innocents when it comes to the bloody mess of Iraq. Fingers point at different personalities and countries simultaneously; there are no answers. The only thing that we can be certain of is that the poorest Iraqi man, woman and especially child has suffered the most. Ultimately the Saddam and his regime have to shoulder the blame. Never have I seen such a twisted version of humanity. He was a sociopath of the worst kind, with blood as cold as ice and a heart made of stone.

I am damned certain I went to school with this Jaffar fellow almost 50 years ago (Seafordians have good memories). He had a younger brother who is very similar in looks, almost twin-like (slim build, slim jawline, deep eyes and tash) whom I am sure went to Cambridge. I think his name was Haamed or Mohamed. I remember he said he had an older brother too but I cannot remember his name. I found an email address for him but my mail bounced.
I am sad for what happened to him after he returned home. He should never have left the British Isles if you ask me. He would have fitted in very well here in the long term. Why go back to such a gruff?
Seafordians do have good memory.

Is someone going to translate these passages into English or what?
Imad (if I may); I thought it was him. The hairs on my neck raised when I saw Jafar on the BBC about a year ago. I reckognized the velvet voice and eyes.
It is strange how a persons eyes never change, even over a long period of time.
However, after all the trials and tribulations, I am ever so glad that he finally escaped Saddam, albeit a bit late in life. Like I said, he would have fitted in great here, and I am sure his career would have thrived. If what I hear from friends is true, I would say that Imperial College is hardly "the be all and end all" of an intellectual life.

I am not sure why I think this either, but I am sure he had a distant cousin in the US called 'Aladdin', or some name of that description. Maybe I am mixing this detail up with someone elses; it would be interesting to know.

ps - to the person who posted the email address: I tried this and it bounced.
ps - I think this Aladdin, or Aldi, whatever, lived with them and finally moved to the US to be a musician later, though I do not know when, or even if it is a figment of my imagination!
Apparently you were not aware of this site
which this joker pointed you to jokingly.

It is an excellent site on the Resistance in Iraq.

That is why I have been deleting his firvolous comments as soon as they appear. Furthermore, I have also cleaned the whole site of similar rubbish, and won't allow any.

Since you have posted your own email, perhaps you may get a response.

OK doc its pretty apparent that you cant admit you made a mistake, and accused me of things I am not guilty of.

There is a difference between

and Uruk Group


Sorry your mail bounced: Try this if you feel comfortable contacting your old mate this way

Tel : +971 4 329 1722
Fax : +971 4 329 1788
Indeed, your latest bit of info is correct, assuming you know what you are talking about.

Doc I think I am right. I found out that this Jaffar bloke was linked as General Manager at this company in Dubai. Then I looked up the company on the web and up popped the details with his on them. The only problem is establishing whether that company still exists or has dissolved.
We now know the email address on that website doesnt work. Maybe they made a mistake on the site?

It would take guts to ring someone after 50 years, granted.
Has anyone read Khadir Hamza's book on the bomb project? I doesnt seem to like Jaffar. He took the mick out of his stammer and everything and said he ran after whores in France on a trip.... or something like that.
Does anyone know of Hamza is back in Iraq now? I heard someone tried to assassinate him..
Try becoming an agnostic..
Is Saddam’s Bombmaker a Fraud?
Got an index of Gas Stations in Virginia? Check out their owners.
And, and while you are at it in Virginia, where all CIA puppies go, check out his double Mahdi Ghali. Is he still cycling?

Atheist thank you for the pointers. The email bounced again, and I would not ring someone out of the blue after almost 50 years. It would be rude. I will have to think on it.

I have heard about Kadir Hamza. I think the truth is he was relatively small fry on the weapons programme. This no doubt worked out kinder for him, at least he was able to leave Iraq without too much trouble. Jaffar on the other hand would surely have been watched on a microscopic level? Shame how bad things happen to nice people. I hope that stint in prison hasn't damaged the old boy too much. He has my best wishes and thoughts as this time
Imad, maybe someone will contact me, who knows! Thanks
I would assume you are satisfied by now.

Heidi, if you still frquent this posting. This is JJ's response to your offer: "kindly tell her that I cannot reach her from Dubai! It simply is not long enough!"

Imad you have me confused. I'll have to work out what to do next, and keep check of the emails. I haven't checked them for a while.

Heidi is the one with the "crush"?

Oh dear, better luck next time Heidi. But it does seem like you can circumvent the problem.
To avoid disappointment: Book your flight now (assuming you are not in Dubai), and plod the streets. You are bound to bump into your hero sooner or later. You may have to join a queue of ladies though, as he's a bit more handsome than average old me!
Imad no-one has emailed me; the pointers are not exactly coming thick and fast. I had hoped someone would email me with more info but it hasnt happened yet!

ps - I got Hamza's book yesterday - e-book that is - after having a brief skim through I can tell you that he doesn't seem to speak highly of anyone on his research team! A bit self-centred too. I bet he made a mint selling it though.
Imad, I worked with you in UNDP Baghdad. I am writing a book on my experiences in Iraq and of course am mentioning you. I would like a photo of you complerte with moustache as you had in UNDP also of one you posted of Jaffar Dhia Jaffar with permission to print.
Dan Coakley.
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