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Friday, January 13, 2006

"I want you for U.S. blogging"

"Hi, Lioness. I’m writing from a PR firm on behalf of the U.S. Army. We’re contacting a few bloggers to test a new outlet for public information. The Army believes that military blogs are a valuable medium for reaching out to soldiers. To that end, the Army plans to offer you and selected bloggers exclusive editorial content on a few issues you’re likely to be interested in. If you do decide you are interested in receiving this material, whether you choose to write about what we send you is, of course, entirely up to you.Like I said, we’re only contacting a handful of bloggers at this time. If you are interested, please let me know, and we’ll send you further information as it becomes available. Either way, thanks for your time."
I'm Being Recruited by the Army?! January 8, 2006

".... The Washington Post's national security columnist reported the shameful news today.
The goal of the Army's propaganda is to obscure the horrible truth of the Iraq occupation, the propaganda company admitted in an e-mail to unquestioning supporters of the endless war.
No longer able to control the usually corrupt Washington press corps, the Bush administration has been repeatedly caught creating fake newscasts and fake news agencies while bribing "independent" journalists to repeat the government's lies. And each month brings new evidence that dozens of "real" journalists and TV news personalities are involved in a massive cover-up scheme to protect themselves as they protect criminal figures such as "Scooter" Libby and Dick Cheney.
With the U.S. public overwhelmingly against the government's wars abroad and against Americans at home, mainstream news outlets have slowly begun to report the truth.New propaganda efforts such as the Army's blogging scheme are the latest attempts to dilute actual reporting on the scandals and failures of the federal government. With so many Americans now seeing blogs mixed in with online news, the Pentagon hopes to confuse citizens."
I want you for U.S. blogging January 10, 2006

See ! (click for link)

They live

An Iraqi Tear, Thank You Bush for Making Iraqi's Life Enjoyable!: It is winter.. Rains and cold.. If I can buy fuels for the heaters; many could not… Fuel is very expensive in Iraq now; as if Iraq is not an oil producing country.. there are coupons for getting the fuel yet one should wait at least for three hours to have his share giving 3.5 Iraqi Dinars (about $2)… sometimes the fuel station would close because the cut of the electricity power or the station share of the fuel finished!! So the Iraqi will be forced to buy the same amount from the black market paying 15 000 Iraqi Dinars (about $8); while the daily income of those families under the poverty line is less than $2!! There are cheap electric heaters: the power in being off for 6 hours and almost 1 hour on!! It is true the Iraqis are buying the power from private generators; because of the raising in the fuel prices; 1 Ampere is being sold for 5000- 7000 Iraqi Dinars; the electric heater needs 3 Ampere to work… imagine the poor families in Iraq; those poor who were among the Bush pretexts in his invasion and occupation Iraq…
I could not write more because there is no "governmental power" and the private power will be off at noon.. The owner of the generation is providing power from 10 till noon; and from 4 till midnight.. We accepted the deal otherwise the generator will be tired and we will lose the private power for days waiting repairing the generator…
Thanks Bush; thanks the Iraqi puppet officials and ministers you made our lives more enjoyable!!

Tareq Aziz has less than month to live: lawyer : [The lawyer] added the former top official was being held by US forces in a room "reserved for dogs" that measures just two-metres-long and one-metre-wide.

German spies helped U.S. in Iraq war
'U.S. Torture Camps' in Europe: 'The Proof!': Now there is evidence: the Americans are running secret torture prisons in Europe. That much emerges from a fax sent by the Egyptian Ambassador in London to his Foreign Minister in Cairo. According to this article from Switzerland's Sonntags Blick, the newspaper has a copy of the fax, which was intercepted by Swiss intelligence.
Well, now! . . .
US says UN should bar rights abusers from new body
Iraqi Politician Issues Warning to Sunnis: "The most influential politician in Iraq issued a veiled warning Wednesday to Sunni Arabs that Shiites would not allow substantive amendments to the country's new constitution, including to the provision that keeps the central government weak in favor of strong provincial governments.

"To win their support for the new constitution, which was approved in an Oct. 15 vote, Sunni Arabs were promised they could propose amendments to it during the first four months of the new parliament's tenure. The new parliament is expected to be seated around the end of February. Amendments need two-thirds approval in parliament and a majority in a national referendum."
Better wars coming?
Beam weapons almost ready for battle: "Directed energy could revolutionize warfare, expert says"
Christian Science Monitor, British officer slams US military tactics, attitudes in Iraq: "In a stinging indictment of the US military, a senior British officer has accused the US military of a cultural insensitivity that amounts to "institutional racism" in dealing with Iraqis. The Times of London reports that Brigadier Nigel Aylwin-Foster, former deputy commander of the coalition program to train the Iraqi military, also said American troops were ill-suited to engage in counterinsurgency and often let their sense of moral righteousness overrule their 'collective military judgment.'"
Kurt Nimmo, Hamza: Patsy for the Cash of Civilizations Gang: One of Hamza’s associates, Haroon Rashid Aswat, pegged as the July 7 London bombing “mastermind,” was a British intelligence asset. Of course, considering British intelligence hired out (for the tidy sum of £100,000) an “al-Qaeda” cell in a botched effort to kill Libya’s Qaddafi, this sort of revelation should come as no surprise (the allegation was made by former MI-5 officer David Shayler and corroborated by French intelligence). One look at Aswat and it is obvious he is little more than a mastermind at tying his shoes in the morning.

It stands to reason the CIA and MI6 would naturally recruit the most vicious and demented of patsy terrorists for the long-term plan to discredit and slander Islam, as well as attempt to take out enemies such as Qaddafi and Slobodan Milosevic (and, as well, stir up trouble in Russia’s troubled Muslim republics, a scheme dreamed up by Zbigniew Brzezinski), thus the accusations against the misanthropic hatemonger Abu Hamza al-Masri are no surprise. No doubt MI6 went out of their way to find a dim bulb such as Hamza, one who could be easily and credibly associated with rooms full of hate material (obviously, a person residing in England or America with even the slightest lick of intelligence would not be associated with such material in the wake of nine eleven).
Mark A. Goldman, Treason: "The United States of America as a legitimate constitutional government no longer exists as far as I can tell."
Mohamed Elmasry, Francis Boyle offers expert's analysis of Iraq war as "Pure Evil": For an excellent account of how this aggression came into being, the people who made it possible, and why, I strongly recommend you read Francis A. Boyle's book "Destroying World Order: U.S. Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11." This expertly-written book even includes a guide to impeaching George W. Bush! In fact, Boyle's book and his testimony against GWB are extraordinary; this is because Boyle comes with credentials unmatched by any of his critics.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream American media did not give Boyle's book anything near the coverage it deserves. But one day, his expert witness testimony, along with others, could be used in a court of law, or by historians, to identify who is/was behind this pure evil. It may take years, but that day will surely come.

At long last, the “main press” uncovers the common denominator

"I wished I had a nuclear bomb to attack them," he said. "We told them, 'You are not Iraqis. Who gave you the power to do this?"...

...“Still, he said in an interview in a house in Baghdad, he allowed himself a small celebration whenever a member of Al Qaeda fell to an American bullet. "I feel happy when the Americans kill them," he said.”…


…”Abu Lil was one of four Iraqi men interviewed for this article who said they were fighters for the Islamic Army, one of the main insurgent groups. Despite its name, its members have nationalist and largely secular motivations. While their membership in the insurgency could not be independently verified, the descriptions the four men offered of themselves and their exploits were lengthy, detailed and credible.

The four men interviewed are, by all accounts, ordinary Iraqis. One worked as a trash collector. Another was a part-time mechanic in an ice factory. All of them said they had children. While they claimed to be members of the same group, different members provided lengthy accounts of operations in an array of cities in the Sunni Triangle. The men gave Iraqi nicknames and noms de guerre. Some of their assertions, including specific examples about clashes with Al Qaeda's forces, were confirmed by American and Iraqi officials.”...

...”Disagreements over Al Qaeda's bloody tactics between local insurgents and Al Qaeda's fighters are as old as the war. Abu Lil, who fought in Taji in October, for example, claimed to have met with Qaeda fighters in late 2003. The militant group had just claimed responsibility for a double car bombing in Baghdad, and insurgents from the 20th Revolutionary Brigade, a nationalist group that Abu Lil belonged to at that time, were angry about the high civilian death toll.

Abu Lil, an elfin man with a cotton scarf tied around his head, talked in detail about the meeting as he sat on a couch in a house in Baghdad. The meeting was held in a farmhouse in Mosul, he said. About 25 men from Al Qaeda attended. Several appeared to be from Pakistan. Some spoke Arabic so poorly that they had to speak through a translator.

The discussion dragged on for seven hours, he said, but did not go well. The local insurgents demanded that the foreigners from Al Qaeda leave Iraq.

"They said, 'Jihad needs its victims,' " Abu Lil said. " 'Iraqis should be willing to pay the price.' "

"We said, 'It's very expensive.'"

The meeting ended abruptly, and Abu Lil and his associates walked out, feeling powerless and angry.

"I wished I had a nuclear bomb to attack them," he said. "We told them, 'You are not Iraqis. Who gave you the power to do this?' "...

...”Abu Marwa, a 32-year-old guerrilla leader from Yusifiya, a city south of Baghdad, told of a blood feud with Al Qaeda in a village the group controlled called Karagol, south of Baghdad.

Bookish and soft-spoken, wearing jeans and a button-down shirt, Mr. Marwa told of life inside the insurgency during two days of interviews in Baghdad. He said he might never have clashed with Al Qaeda, but the group's sectarian war against Shiites clashed with his loyalty to a Shiite relative of his the group had kidnapped and tortured.”...

..."Mr. Marwa finally found his relative in the local morgue. His legs bore drill holes revealing bone. His jaw had slid off to one side of his head, and his nose was broken. Burns marked his body. His knees were raw, as if he had been dragged.

"I was totally crazy," Mr. Marwa recalled. "A mad man was more rational than me."

Enlisting the most trusted members of his cell, Mr. Marwa set out to take revenge. They tracked down two Syrian members of Al Qaeda, and in late October laid out an intricate plan for an ambush. They killed them on a country road as they drove out of town, and took their kaffiyeh, or headdresses, to the dead relative's wife, Mr. Marwa said.

"After many meetings, we decided to terminate them," he said.

Despite such tensions, the Americans face significant challenges in trying to exploit the split. "It is against my beliefs to put my hand with the Americans," said an Iraqi member of the Islamic Army who uses the nom de guerre Abu Omar.

Still, he said in an interview in a house in Baghdad, he allowed himself a small celebration whenever a member of Al Qaeda fell to an American bullet. "I feel happy when the Americans kill them," he said.
New Body Screeners in use in London: We are living in a dystopian nightmare: "People are faced with walking into booths raising their hands above their heads like they're a criminal and being electronically scanned by a machine that produces a naked image of their body."

(The title says it all)
The Rise Of Rectal Journalism

Secret Vatican Archives Now Accessible Online - (
Chris Floyd, Bush: Turning the Screws on Gitmo Trash: But just how far does the "Commander's" torture authority reach? To the crushing of an innocent child's testicles. So says John Yoo, the former deputy assistant attorney general who helped craft the official White House "torture memos" that justified any torture short of permanent maiming or death -- and even countenanced the latter if it was "unintentional." Yoo also helped devise the regime's crank philosophy of the "unitary executive" -- that is, dictatorship for a "war president." In response to a question at a public debate last month, Yoo declared that Bush could override any law or treaty and order his goons to crush the testicles of a prisoner's child in the name of "national security," commentator Andrew Sullivan reports.

None of this should be a real surprise.

As I have pointed out many times before, the entire point of all the Bush Administration's propaganda is NOT to influence Iraqis (who after all have some first hand experience of the kind attention of their U.S. occupiers), nor is it intended to influence anyone else outside the U.S. (who are too well-informed to fall for the stupidly obvious lies that the Bushies constantly spew out), nor is it intended even for the consumption of the small elite of Americans (e.g. readers of the New York Times, watchers of the PBS Newshour, etc.) who know anything about anything.

The target audience is, of course, the huge majority [my guess, and it's a conservative (pun intended) guess, is that this represents about 70-80% of the adult population] of stupid, ignorant, mostly white, suburban Americans who don't have a clue about what's going on more than 20 miles from where they live. These people are Bush's core constituency because their total ignorance of facts and history allows them to believe anything they are told by the godlike authority figure of the President. (And, by the near-godlike figures of televangelists like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.)

Hence, if they have been trained how to press the "on" button of their PC (that is, if the malware doesn't send them to a porn site before they can even get the Google screen up in IE) and then read what's in these blogs, why, there's the (sic.) "truth" about what's going on in Iraq -- see, we're WINNING God's war against them I-rakki bagheads, unlike what the Eastern Liberal Elite Media keep telling us -- and everything will be just hunky-dory! We just gotta keep supportin' our President and shoutin' down all them limp-wristed Dem-o-crats that don't want to drop a few bombs for Jaysus!

No amount of fact or argument will deter or dissuade these people because they are in an alternate reality, one carefully scripted by and attended to by the Bush Administration and its legions of neoconservative agitprop shriekers. Only pain, delivered in massive doses right to their own doorsteps, will get their attention.

The idea of the US military propaganda machine reaching out into the blogsphere doesn't make any sense. Most people who actually take the time to read Iraq-related blogs already have a strong opinion about the war.

Sadly, here in America, I have yet to find anyone who supports the war that has taken the time to really dig into what is going on. Most pro-war opinions tend to get supported by one-liners like "we gotta see this through because the world is watching", or "if we leave now, things will really go to hell over there". These people don't read blogs. In most cases, they heard some talking head say something like that on a TV sound bite.
Extract -
Malcom Lagauche, TARIQ AZIZ HAS LITTLE TIME LEFT: Aziz has a heart problem that, for years, was kept benign by medication. When he was imprisoned, his family begged the U.S. to allow him to take his medication. From the sources I have read over the past couple of years, this request was denied and his condition slowly became worse, culminating in his current condition.

About six months ago, his family put out a worldwide appeal for the world to take heed to the peril of Aziz. They mentioned that they were unable to communicate with him and did not know his whereabouts or his state of health. Nobody stepped forward.

The reason that Taqiz Aziz was imprisoned was an allegation of mass murder. After almost three years, the charge was dropped because of lack of evidence. Instead of freeing Aziz, a new charge of embezzlement of public funds came forth, therefore assuring that Aziz will die in prison.

If Tariq Aziz was a U.S. official, he would have been hailed as one of his country's finest patriots. His unflinching devotion to his country, combined with utmost personal integrity and loyalty for decades, proves his merit. But, he has been portrayed as a "terrorist" by the U.S. side

I can only call what the U.S. has put Tariq Aziz through the most contemptible, cowardly and despicable act a government could employ against an intellectual. Add to the adjectives "hypocritical." We are constantly seeing the U.S. threaten foreign nations because they put pressure on their intellectuals, while, at the same time, they have abused Tariq Aziz beyond any boundary of acceptable behavior.

Of all the war speculators in the world prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Tariq Aziz was the most accurate. He stated that American blood would be flowing in the deserts of Iraq. Nobody believed him.

American propaganda has a long reach. Having myself been 'nourished' by the notion of American 'exceptionalism' from birth through early adulthood, I can only say that coming to see beyond it is naught short of a minor miracle.

In respect of Iraq, I note two particular influences contributing to the removal - slow though it was - of my blinders. One was John Pilger's harrowing 2000 TV documentary, Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq. This film, exposing the effects of UN sanctions on the children of Iraq, I saw while living in South Africa. (I have no idea whether it was shown in the United States.)

The second influence: Tariq Aziz. Several times I saw him put his country's position, facing off hostile interviewers with dignity and the personal integrity referred to by Malcom Lagauche. Tariq Aziz was, to no avail, an honest broker. His imprisonment by the United States - like the treatment of Iraq itself - is basely criminal. I hang my head in shame.
Information Clearing House, New Army Documents Confirm Black Ops "Special Access Program" Unit Covered Up Detainee Abuse: NEW YORK -- The American Civil Liberties Union today released new documents obtained from the Defense Department detailing abuse at U.S. facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay. Included in the release is the first publicly available government document confirming the existence of a secret “Special Access Program” involving a special ops unit, Task Force 6-26, which has been implicated in numerous detainee abuse incidents in Iraq, and whose operatives used fake names to thwart an Army investigation.

“These documents confirm that the torture of detainees and its subsequent cover-up was part of a larger clandestine operation, in all likelihood, authorized by senior government officials,” said ACLU attorney Amrit Singh. “Despite mounting evidence of systemic abuse authorized or endorsed from above, however, not a single high level official has thus far been brought to justice.”

In one Army file, an investigator states that he is unable to continue an investigation into claims that a detainee captured by Task Force 6-26 in Tikrit, Iraq, was stripped, humiliated and physically abused until he passed out, because the unit accused of the abuse is part of the Special Access Program (SAP). A memorandum included in the report states that “fake names were used by the 6-26 members” and that the unit claimed to have a computer malfunction which resulted in the loss of 70 percent of their files. The memorandum concludes, “Hell, even if we reopened [the investigation] we wouldn’t get any more information than we already have.”
[ . . . ]

The documents released today are available at:
More Torture Documents Released Under FOIA
Extract -
Riverbend, Thank You for the Music...: When I first heard about the abduction of Christian Science Monitor journalist Jill Carroll a week ago, I remember feeling regret. It was the same heavy feeling I get every time I hear of another journalist killed or abducted. The same heavy feeling that settles upon most Iraqis, I imagine, when they hear of acquaintances suffering under the current situation.

I read the news as a subtitle on tv. We haven't had an internet connection for several days so I couldn't really read about the details. All I knew was that a journalist had been abducted and that her Iraqi interpreter had been killed. He was shot in cold blood in Al Adil district earlier this month, when they took Jill Carroll... They say he didn't die immediately. It is said he lived long enough to talk to police and then he died.

I found out very recently that the interpreter killed was a good friend - Alan, of Alan's Melody, and I've spent the last two days crying.

Everyone knew him as simply 'Alan', or "Elin" as it is pronounced in Iraqi Arabic. Prior to the war, he owned a music shop in the best area in Baghdad, A'arasat. He sold some Arabic music and instrumental music, but he had his regular customers - those westernized Iraqis who craved foreign music. For those of us who listened to rock, adult alternative, jazz, etc. he had very few rivals.

He was an electrical engineer- but his passion was music. His dream was to be a music producer. He was always full of scorn for the usual boy bands - N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc. - but he was always trying to promote an Iraqi boy band he claimed he'd discovered,"Unknown to No One". "They're great- wallah they have potential." He'd say. E. would answer, "Alan, they're terrible." And Alan, with his usual Iraqi pride would lecture about how they were great, simply because they were Iraqi.

He was a Christian from Basrah and he had a lovely wife who adored him- F. We would tease him about how once he was married and had a family, he'd lose interest in music. It didn't happen. Conversations with Alan continued to revolve around Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, but they began to include F. his wife, M. his daughter and his little boy. My heart aches for his family- his wife and children...

After the war, the area he had his shop in deteriorated. There were car bombs and shootings and the Badir people took over some of the houses there. People went to A'arasat less and less because it was too dangerous. His shop was closed up more than it was open. He shut it up permanently after getting death threats and a hand grenade through his shop window. His car was carjacked at some point and he was shot at so he started driving around in his fathers beaten-up old Toyota Cressida with a picture of Sistani on his back window, "To ward off the fanatics..." He winked and grinned.

"I want you for U.S. blogging" - but, maybe not YOU . . .

Juan Cole, Iraq Bloggers Souring?
Here's an excerpt from Omar's January 5 blog post: "I think this is the darkest image we have conveyed from Iraq in more than two years but it is a fact that it hasn’t been this bad in Iraq ever since the 9th of April 2003.

The general sense of the public opinion in Iraq is that our politicians who we trusted proved to be unqualified for the responsibility.

Everyone I meet says he feels betrayed by the politicians who keep frustrating us with their incompetence and internal fighting over power.

Iraqis expressed optimism before the election and you read that on opinion polls and we could feel it here in the streets but I’m sure that if those opinion polls are repeated, we’ll see that a great deal of that optimism is gone now."

And here's an excerpt from Ali's latest posting on the blog that he set up separately from his brothers: "I wanted to say something about the elections results but things are still confusing to me and I can't see any real light from the various possibilities ahead of us. I think there were huge violations and a fraud especially in the south and the north. This elections will cost Iraq and whoever decides to stand by her side at least 10 more years of suffering. The worst thing is that it could have prevented if some of us at least had paid attention to the real danger."
[ . . . ]

I've been visiting some Iraqi blogs lately as part of the research for my book, and my impression (based on unscientific sampling and possibly shaded by my own bias) is that a number of pro-occupation Iraqi bloggers have either gone silent or are sounding notes of alarm such as the following: "The U.S. authorities are being too anxious to ingratiate themselves to the various Sunni groups in a way that I think is going too far. I hope to find the time to say something more detailed about this. They are not going to win over the terrorists, but they run a serious risk of loosing their fundamental base of support in the country ...

The people are boiling and a general conflagration is just around the corner."

Or: "Anyway, I completely lost the ambition and hope about a secular Iraq where you can express your feelings and thoughts freely especially the religion, but it seems for the coming three centuries the Islamic acts of beheading in the name of God for fundamentalists in Sunnis, and the sadist whipping as a punishment(till death) for Shia will improve and continue enthusiastically. And might go further to cutting hands and keeping women inside the houses, who knows what is inside the dirty sick minds of the Islamic politicians..God damn them all ...

We got out of Saddam’s prison and got in a new one with a ‘democratic’ door.. Dreams will never come true as long as Islam is ruling countries and fundamentalists are leading them. Iraq is far away from being free."

Violence expected to engulf Iraq in coming weeks: "As democracy advances in the form of election results and government formation, and as the military pressure continues, and the pressure generated by political progress increases, we expect more violence across Iraq."
(Somehow, the word 'irony' doesn't quite meet the challenge of this sentence.)
U.S. general asserts right to silence in Iraq abuse case: report: "Miller once supervised the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and helped set up operations at Abu Ghraib."
Report: Army stopped Iraq abuse inquiry without questioning anyone: The Army closed a criminal investigation of abuse allegations by an Iraqi detainee last year, finding no reason to believe his claims, even though no Americans involved in the case were questioned, according to Pentagon records made public Thursday.

Internal Army documents about the Iraqi's capture on Jan. 4, 2004, and his subsequent interrogation at an unspecified facility at or near Baghdad International Airport were not reviewed, the records show, because investigators were told they had been lost in a computer malfunction.

The detainee alleged that he was kicked in the stomach once and punched in the spine once by his interrogators. He said he was placed in front of a window air conditioner after being stripped naked and having a bag placed over his head. Cold water was poured over the bag every few minutes, he said, and he was dragged around a room by his arm.

Army spokesman Paul Boyce said more than 500 investigations have been conducted on allegations of detainee abuse and that 251 military members have been court-martialed or otherwise punished.

"This effort by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command demonstrates the Army's continuing and tireless commitment to investigate any allegation of detainee abuse by any unit or soldier, and to locate possible witnesses to allegations of detainee abuse," he said.
US may extend soldier's military service - court: "Doe's arguments challenging the president's 'stop-loss' authority are not persuasive," Judge Stephen Trott wrote for the three-judge panel. "The 'stop-loss' order extending Doe's enlistment is a valid exercise of presidential power."
(Does any invalid "exercise of presidential power" remain?)
Reading to keep you busy for a l-o-o-o-n-g time: News and Facts
David Price, Counterpunch, A CounterPunch Exclusive Investigation; How the FBI Spied on Edward Said: "In response to my request under the Freedom of Information Act, filed on behalf of CounterPunch, the FBI recently released 147 of Said's 238-page FBI file. There are some unusual gaps in the released records, and it is possible that the FBI still holds far more files on Professor Said than they acknowledge. Some of these gaps may exist because new Patriot Act and National Security exemptions allow the FBI to deny the existence of records; however, the released file provides enough information to examine the FBI's interest in Edward Said who mixed artistic appreciations, social theory, and political activism in powerful and unique ways.

"Most of Said's file documents FBI surveillance campaigns of his legal, public work with American-based Palestinian political or pro-Arab organizations, while other portions of the file document the FBI's ongoing investigations of Said as it monitored his contacts with other Palestinian-Americans. That the FBI should monitor the legal political activities and intellectual forays of such a man elucidates not only the FBI's role in suppressing democratic solutions to the Israeli and Palestinian problems, it also demonstrates a continuity with the FBI's historical efforts to monitor and harass American peace activists."
Amira Hass, Prisoners in Their Own Land; More than 800,000 Palestinians Sealed Off in Northern West Bank: "For a month now, since the second week of December 2005, the Israel Defense Forces has severed the northern part of the West Bank from other parts, and prohibited residents from traveling toward Ramallah and points southward.

The ban applies to some 800,000 people, residents of the Tul Karm, Nablus and Jenin provinces. Until January 2, the ban applied just to residents of Jenin and Tul Karm. Since then it has been extended to Nablus area residents.

The IDF did not issue an order on the new arrangements, which people only found out about at the permanent and so-called flying checkpoints that have prevented them over the past four weeks from traveling southward from the Za'atara junction (the Tapuah checkpoint). They were not informed how long the travel ban would be in effect."
[ . . . ]
Mike Whitney, The Bombs of March; Countdown to War with Iran?: Iran will defend itself if it is attacked by the United States or Israel.

Defending one's country against unprovoked aggression is sanctioned under international law and is a requirement of true leadership. We would expect no different if either the United States or Israel was attacked.
[ . . . ]

IAEA chief Mohammed Elbaradei has repeatedly stated that his team of inspectors, who've had the opportunity to "go anywhere and see anything", has found nothing to corroborate the assertions of the US or Israel.

On the other hand, we know that the U.S. has developed a new regime of low-yield "usable" nuclear weapons to destroy underground bunkers. We also know that the militarists in the Pentagon have threatened to use nuclear weapons in a "first strike" preemptive attack, and that the main players in the Defense Dept. unanimously believe that nuclear weapons should be used as part of America's strategy for global security.
[ . . . ]

The determination to attack Iran goes back more than a decade to now famous policy documents (PNAC) which support the idea of integrating Iranian resources into the global system while eliminating potential adversaries of Israel in the region. This first phase is intended to defang the regime and leave it vulnerable to future invasion or regime change.
[ . . . ]

Whatever the cost, the attack seems likely to be carried out sometime on or before March 2006 when Iran plans to open its new oil bourse. The new exchange which directly challenges the continued dominance of the greenback in the oil trade (the largest commodity traded in the world) poses an "existential threat" to the well-being of western financial institutions and elites.

Beyond the media subterfuge of "nuclear weapons" and "non-compliance", the empire is marching resolutely to war; voluntarily risking nuclear holocaust to preserve the system of privilege and concentrated wealth.

John Kaminski, Legendary conspiracy historian Eustace Mullins mysteriously disappears; worst feared: Local police say there's nothing they can do and are notoriously vague and nonchalant about his welfare or whereabouts, according to friends who have called them to express alarm over his sudden disappearance.

Filmmaker Atkins recently posted a sensational video clip of Mullins on his website, in which Mullins makes a chilling prediction of what is in store for the world at this time.

Quoting from the video clip: Mullins says, "Israel actually plans to exterminate the entire Arab Muslim population in the world, and the Muslims know this . . . Israel is interested only in genocide and exterminating all the Arab people or putting them under complete domination . . . the Israelis are always exterminationists."

Then Atkins asks, "Is the United States being used by Israel to create a Christian-Muslim war?"

Mullins responds, "Yes. It's all deliberate . . . a billion Christians and a billion Muslims are now at a war to the death with each other, and the only victor will be the state of Israel."

Atkins recounts the last time he talked with Mullins. "I talked to him that Monday (Jan. 2), reminded him of Thursday's interview. He said he was looking forward to it." Whether that was the last public utterance of Eustace Mullins remains to be determined.

Blanchard had a darker view. "I think the ADL probably snatched him and did away with him."

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12/1/04   1/1/05   2/1/05   3/1/05   4/1/05   5/1/05   6/1/05   7/1/05   8/1/05   9/1/05   10/1/05   11/1/05   12/1/05   1/1/06   2/1/06   3/1/06   4/1/06   5/1/06   6/1/06   7/1/06   8/1/06   9/1/06   10/1/06   11/1/06   12/1/06   1/1/07   2/1/07   3/1/07   4/1/07   5/1/07   6/1/07   7/1/07   8/1/07   9/1/07   10/1/07   11/1/07   12/1/07   1/1/08   2/1/08   3/1/08   4/1/08   5/1/08   6/1/08   7/1/08   8/1/08   9/1/08   10/1/08   11/1/08   12/1/08   1/1/09   2/1/09   3/1/09   4/1/09   5/1/09   6/1/09   7/1/09   8/1/09   9/1/09   10/1/09   11/1/09   12/1/09   1/1/10   2/1/10   3/1/10   4/1/10   5/1/10   6/1/10   8/1/10   9/1/10   10/1/10   11/1/10   12/1/10   1/1/11   2/1/11   3/1/11   4/1/11   5/1/11   6/1/11   7/1/11   8/1/11   9/1/11   10/1/11   11/1/11   12/1/11   1/1/12   2/1/12   3/1/12   4/1/12   5/1/12   6/1/12   7/1/12   8/1/12   9/1/12   10/1/12   11/1/12   12/1/12   1/1/13   2/1/13   3/1/13   4/1/13   5/1/13   6/1/13   7/1/13   8/1/13   9/1/13   10/1/13   11/1/13   12/1/13   1/1/14   2/1/14   3/1/14   4/1/14   5/1/14   6/1/14   7/1/14   8/1/14  

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