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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hasty retreat? Now don't you forget to declare victory.

"An elite team of officers advising the US commander, General David Petraeus, in Baghdad has concluded that they have six months to win the war in Iraq - or face a Vietnam-style collapse in political and public support that could force the military into a hasty retreat.
The officers - combat veterans who are experts in counter-insurgency - are charged with implementing the "new way forward" strategy announced by George Bush on January 10. The plan includes a controversial "surge" of 21,500 additional American troops to establish security in the Iraqi capital and Anbar province.
But the team, known as the "Baghdad brains trust" and ensconced in the heavily fortified Green Zone, is struggling to overcome a range of entrenched problems in what has become a race against time, according to a former senior administration official familiar with their deliberations.
"They know they are operating under a clock. They know they are going to hear a lot more talk in Washington about 'Plan B' by the autumn - meaning withdrawal. They know the next six-month period is their opportunity. And they say it's getting harder every day," he said."
US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse, March 1, 2007

'You can never find a competent suicide bomber when you need one'
Some Americans sorry Cheney survived, February 27, 2007

Christian Science Monitor, Next six months critical to US's effort in Iraq... again? ... [T]he main problems facing ... the US military over the next six months include an insufficient number of troops on the ground; an international coalition that is falling apart; an anticipated upsurge in violence in the south of Iraq as the British forces leave in the coming months; morale problems in the US military as casualties rise; and a "lack of will" in Washington and Baghdad.
U.S., Iraq forces set for Baghdad Sadr City push: ... a pivotal moment for the make-or-break security crackdown in Baghdad.

Army copter makes 'hard landing' in Iraq: ... but the military said the problem was mechanical and not the result of hostile fire.

The OH-58 Kiowa helicopter went down in the area of Kirkuk, about 180 miles north of Baghdad. The two injured pilots were evacuated to a U.S. military hospital in Kirkuk, U.S. officials said. There was no word on the extent of their injuries.

The helicopter is mostly used in surveillance and some light combat missions.

McCain says U.S. lives 'wasted' in Iraq: McCain, who repeated his assertion that U.S. troops must remain in Iraq rather than withdrawing early, made the "wasted" remark after confirming to [David] Letterman what has been clear for at least a year or more — that he's in the running for the 2008 Republican nomination.

Car bomb kills seven at Iraqi policeman's wedding

Safety fears force last major British charity to quit Iraq: Save the Children UK has announced that - after 15 years in the country - it is to shut its office because it can no longer reach the Iraqi children it wants to help.
A nightmare without end: How does a young man from west London find himself landed in a Kenyan police station, hanging from his wrists, his feet tied to buckets of freezing water? How does he find himself, soon after, being dined by MI5 officers at a Nairobi hotel one moment, then imprisoned underground in the desert the next?
Malcom Lagauche, ESTIMATES BASED ON ESTIMATES: The number of deaths attributed to Saddam Hussein by the West is incomprehensible. If you add them all up, it seems he killed more people than the number who inhabit Iraq. He had to work overtime and must have had advanced weaponry of which no one is aware.

The irony here is that not one person went to Iraq to corroborate the figures. Human Rights Watch and other groups just took the figures given to them as accurate. Hania Mufti, who performed research that produced the original inflated figures in the north stated: "Our estimates were based on estimates. The eventual figure was based in part on circumstantial information gathered over the years."

Imagine even the most lowly offense being tried in a U.S. court system and the prosecutor said that his case was based on estimates of estimates. The case would be dismissed and the judge would reprimand the prosecution for even making a case.

However, this is not so with Iraq. Just say "Saddam did it" and affix a preposterous scenario and figures and it is taken for truth. The blood of millions of Iraqis lies on the hands of these despicable groups and people who have tried to outdo themselves in demonizing Saddam Hussein, the Ba’ath Party, and the Iraqi public in general.

The list is long: Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International; all the foreign-domiciled Iraqi stooges who came back to Iraq after April 2003; with the exception of a few individuals, the entire U.S. government (Democrat and Republican alike); Tony Blair; the U.S. mainstream media; and many, many, many more. They all are involved in the mass murder of millions of Iraqis.

The date of July 18, 2004 should be heralded as much as other dates in world history. It was the date on which the truth about Iraqi mass graves was published. However, not one word appeared in the U.S. press.
Kurt Nimmo, Condi’s Cudgel Made to Look like an Olive Branch: “The Bush administration says it’s not going soft on Iran, but Washington’s new agreement to talk to the clerical regime about violence in Iraq could crack the door for other discussions with the last holdout among President Bush’s old axis of evil,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

In fact, the neocons have not agreed to “talk to the clerical regime,” at least not directly, so the above statement is misleading. “U.S. officials won’t hold direct talks with Iran or Syria at a Baghdad conference next month despite the Bush administration’s complaints that those countries are allowing weapons into Iraq, White House spokesman Tony Snow said Wednesday,” CNN explains. “Direct talks would happen only if those countries made changes to their own policies. Iran would have to halt its uranium enrichment work and Syria would have to stop supporting groups Washington considers terrorist organizations, Snow said.”

Meanwhile, as the corporate media prattles on about a hopeful “dance” with Iran, the neocons continue their propaganda blitz. “Iran has recruited its own network of Iraqi Shi’ite extremists to use armor-piercing weapons against U.S. and coalition forces rather than against Sunni rivals, current and former intelligence officials say,” reports Reuters. “The secretive Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has circumvented Shi’ite organizations like the Mehdi Army to enlist individual militants and train them in the use of explosively formed penetrators, the officials said…. U.S. intelligence chief Mike McConnell told the Senate this week that the EFPs were made in Iran and taken into Iraq by Quds Force members. The Pentagon said Iran is training Iraqi Shi’ites in both Iran and Lebanon to use the weapons.”

A Google News search turns up no mention of the Mehdi Army attacking “U.S. and coalition forces rather than against Sunni rivals,” although the search term returns a news story reporting that “Iraqi and US forces have killed a top official of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s organization in a raid on his home north of Baghdad, calling him a ‘rogue leader’ of Sadr’s Mehdi army militia,” according to ABC News. “An official in Sadr’s political office, Abdul-Mehdi al-Matiri, called the killing of Khadhim al-Hamadani, in the village of Huweidar, near Baquba an ‘assassination.’” As for the absurd claim al-Sadr’s militia is targeting and killing U.S. soldiers, Reuters notes “Mehdi Army militiamen have so far avoided a confrontation with U.S. forces sweeping the capital.”
Ximena Ortiz, Chalabi now puts Iraq first - Editor's note: Ahmad Chalabi is either a consequential figure of opaque, backstage talents, or he has an uncanny ability to the ride the momentum of enormously consequential events - placing himself at the right place, at the right time, among the right people to his overwhelming benefit. Chalabi was recently given an important new position in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government in Iraq, now tasked to build or maintain support for the ramped-up security regime by ensuring that Iraqi people are compensated for any damage or fallout resulting from more aggressive security.
Pepe Escobar, An ill wind in Iran: As the dogs of war ominously circle the Persian Gulf, regime change in Iran could become a distinct possibility - but not exactly according to the desires of US Vice President Dick "all options are on the table" Cheney, whose supreme obsessions are oil, war and their mutual intersection.

With three countries -- Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam -- vying for the off-shore oil booty in seas where maritime borders are contested, the Bush/Cheney cartel hopes to achieve a dominant position to exploit the oil reserves for their oil industry friends and backers.
Kathleen & Bill Christison, Does the Israeli Tail Wag the American Dog? A quarter century ago, the executive director of AIPAC —the American Israel Public Affairs Committee—established an analytical unit inside the organization to write in-depth advocacy papers for policymakers. The year was 1981, the president was Ronald Reagan, and AIPAC had just lost a hard-fought battle in Congress over the sale of AWACS surveillance aircraft to Saudi Arabia. The AIPAC leader was an energetic former congressional aide named Thomas Dine, who used the setback to build AIPAC into a formidable political force. Over the next few years, Dine quadrupled AIPAC’s grassroots membership as well as its budget and aggressively expanded contacts with Congress and policymakers. He set out to supply politicians with analyses geared toward advancing Israeli interests, in the stated belief that anyone who wrote papers read by policymakers would effectively “own” the policymakers.
Chris Floyd, Operation Enduring Idiocy: The Deadly Child's Play of U.S. Politics: Arthur Silber, as always, talks good and damning sense about the maddening moral idiocy of the entire American establishment and the whole "national debate" about the Iraq war. He limns with brutal accuracy the inability of our movers and shakers -- and most of the public they manipulate so thoroughly -- to comprehend the true nature of this bloodsoaked hell: that it is a monstrous crime, conceived in evil, steeped in murder, breeding death, brutality and corruption in everything it touches.

Silber's penetrating ire is sparked off by the witless flap over John McCain's remark about the "waste" of American lives in shoddy execution of the war. ... The lives were wasted -- cynically wasted, diabolically wasted -- because they were devoured in the service of depraved criminals seeking loot and dominion, and for no other purpose whatsoever. Yet not only is it impossible to acknowledge this waste in polite company, one cannot even remotely admit that the entire action itself is criminal, that, as Silber points out, it entails not just the waste of tens of thousands of dead and maimed American soldiers but also the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, shredded, chewed, gutted and sent into darkness by the honking goons and lumbering husks who rule us.

... Why in God's name should our military, in the words of Chalmers Johnson, regularly "deploy[] well over half a million soldiers, spies, technicians, teachers, dependents, and civilian contractors in other nations" -- and why should we have over 700 bases in 130 countries around the globe? There is only one reason for insanity of this kind: we are absolutely convinced we are "entitled" to rule the world, by military force on a scale never before seen in all of world history. If that is what you believe, then say so -- and be damned. (emphasis added)
Paul Craig Roberts, Americans Have Lost Their Country
The BBC Covers Pearl Harbor....
Paul Joseph Watson, Media Blacklists BBC Fiasco; Google, Digg Censor 9/11 Truth: The crowned kings of censorship Google have "pulled" the News 24 "timestamp" video that shows the BBC reporting the collapse of Building 7 26 minutes before it happened. Meanwhile, the establishment media continues to ignore the WTC 7 farce as a whole, including the inconceivable notion that BBC World have mysteriously lost all their 9/11 footage.
Dahr Jamail & Ali al-Fadhily, Rape Cases Emerge From the Shadows
VIDEO: On 9/11, BBC Reported Fall of WTC Building Seven Prior to its Collapse: BBC knew it would happen before it happened
Felicity Arbuthnot, Prince Harry in Blunderland: Surreal. Prince Harry, the Queen's twenty two year old grandson, the late Princess Diana's youngest son and third in line to the throne, is being dispatched to Iraq, with his regiment, the Blues and Royals. To be deployed in Basra, the party loving Prince is reportedly 'over the moon' and 'thrilled'. He has apparently undergone a course in cultural awareness and customs (presumably including kicking down doors at 3 a.m., hurling families from their beds and dragging kids into barracks and beating them up, with the odd bit of torture thrown in.)

Britain's precious Prince, will also be allowed home for a memorial service for his mother and a concert in her honour. Britain's soldiers of a lesser God being able to pop home for poignant family commemorations? Dream on. ...
xymphora, C-CAT and the Cabal: I know I won’t be able to convince most people of the connections between the Zionist Cabal and the necessity for the rest of us to suffer under Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘War on Terror’, but at least it won’t be for want of facts. ... C-CAT’s website is rather mysterious, without identifying who is behind the organization, one of the characteristics of ‘greenwash’. ...
Bomb kills 10 at Baghdad car market
Dahr Jamail & Ali Al-Fadhily, Outrage over Imminent Execution of Iraqi Women: One of the three alleged "terrorists", Muhammad, 25, gave birth to a daughter after her arrest and is still nursing the child in prison. A second, Talib, 31, is also in prison with her three-year-old child, according to Amnesty International.

Talib and Fadhil, 25, were sentenced to death by the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI) on 31 August 2006 for the 2005 murder of several members of Iraqi security forces in the Baghdad district of Hay al-Furat. Both women denied any involvement. Fadhil reportedly claimed that she was abroad at the time of the alleged killings, according to Amnesty International.

Muhammad was sentenced to death on 6 February 2006 by the CCCI, for kidnapping an official from the 'Green Zone' in 2005, according to sources in the Iraqi Lawyers' Union. Her husband is said to have been detained and accused of the same crime.

It is not known whether the three alleged "terrorists" will lodge appeals. But while this is possible, it is unlikely they will be successful without their own legal representation, according to sources.

An appeal by Abdullah was earlier rejected and she faces imminent execution, according to Amnesty International.

Many lawyers here are interpreting the death sentences on the three alleged "terrorists" as an attempt by the Iraqi regime to intimidate insurgents. Two of those sentenced to death -- Fadhil and Mohammad -- were accused of joining their husbands and two members of their families in their alleged crimes, according to the Iraqi Lawyers' Union.

Some Iraqis here have openly expressed surprise and disbelief that these women could have been involved in any insurgency.

The accused were denied the right of legal defence, Walid Hayali, a lawyer, said. He was barred from representing the three in court, he added.

"No lawyer was given the opportunity to do his job," a close friend of Talib confirmed to IPS.

But the right to independent legal representation was guaranteed under international law, lawyers here said.

The passing of a death sentence on the mother of a newly born child was also in violation of a specific UN safeguard, they added.

Iraqis questioned here said they believed the executions, if allowed to take place, would raise the level of violence across Iraq.

"This won't go unpunished," Fadhil Aziz, 40, from the Amiriya district in Baghdad told IPS.

"The U.S. and their Iraqi collaborators must pay for the crimes they are committing against our honour," he warned.
[. . .]

WMR photographed a number of Zim shipping containers portside along the Mekong River in Phnom Penh. From this and other port facilities, including the port of Sihanoukville, bought-back Cambodian weapons , some originally provided to the Khmer Rouge by Eisenberg and the Chinese, are making their way to insurgent groups around Asia, possibly including Iraqi guerrillas battling U.S. forces in Iraq.

Not far from Zim's Mekong port facilities in Phnom Penh sits a quiet and unassuming Mossad surveillance station. From this vantage point, Israeli operatives keep a close eye on Mekong river traffic and any "new players" who arrive into town. With new oil deposits being discovered in contested waters of the Gulf of Thailand, border skirmishes in the region are likely to increase, driving up the demand for small arms in the region. The cached weapons in Cambodia stand to make Israeli intelligence a handsome profit.
[. . .]

If Cambodia is any measure of Israel's true intentions, it is clear that Israel's double game seeks to destabilize world and regional peace by selling to adversarial sides in civil and other wars and reaping huge profits as a result.
Yes, improved PR. Just the ticket !
Rebecca Abou-Chedid, Let Arab Americans help
Cheney Reality
New Martial Law Powers Threaten Basic Rights: The decree grants General Qanbar far-reaching powers to conduct searches and seizures without warrants; to arrest, detain and interrogate people; to monitor, search and confiscate "all mail parcels, letters, cables, and wire and wireless communication devices"; and to restrict all public gatherings, including "centers, clubs, organizations, unions, companies, institutions, and offices."
Arthur Silber, If We Just Don't Call It Colonial Exploitation...: I could alternatively title this, "The Lies That Never End." Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, writes in the Washington Post: Under the national hydrocarbon law approved this week by Iraq's Council of Ministers, oil will serve as a vehicle to unify Iraq and will give all Iraqis a shared stake in their country's future. This is a significant achievement for Iraqis' national reconciliation. It demonstrates that the leaders of Iraq's principal communities can pull together to peacefully resolve difficult issues of national importance. (emphasis in original)
[ . . . ]

The lies in this piece are beyond counting. The primary ones are those of omission. For example, in describing the provisions of the new oil law, Khalilzad says that it: "Creates a principal policymaking body for energy -- the Federal Council on Oil and Gas -- that will have representatives from all of Iraq's regions and oil-producing provinces." A bit later, Khalilzad writes: "It provides the legal framework to enable international investment in Iraq's oil and gas sectors, a break from the statist and overcentralized practices of the past."

It enables "international investment in Iraq's oil and gas sectors..." You don't say.
[ . . . ]

My previous post was titled, "Slowly Going Insane..." Events of the last several days do not exactly help in this regard.

Do these people have any consciences or any souls at all? Never mind. Those of us who can still vaguely discern the outlines of reality as it recedes into the far distance know the answer.
Arthur Silber, Dispatch from Germany, Summer of 1939 (III): Building an Effective Resistance: 1. The criminal and immoral nature of an attack on Iran in the present circumstances and in the foreseeable future must be identified and stated with all the force imaginable, without qualification, in virtually every interview, every television appearance, and every news story that any politician (or any other public figure) takes part in, beginning tomorrow. THE INSANITY AND CRIMINALITY OF SUCH AN ATTACK MUST BE MADE NATIONAL TOPIC NUMBER ONE, UNTIL THIS ADMINISTRATION FULLY AND COMPLETELY DISAVOWS ANY AND ALL SUCH INTENTIONS AND PLANS -- AND UNTIL THE MAGNITUDE OF PUBLIC OPPOSITION CONVINCES US THAT THEY MEAN IT.

2. In every statement about an attack on Iran, no opponent of this administration can accept any of the terms of debate chosen by the administration. Such opponents must argue on completely different terms. If you argue within the framework they prefer to any extent at all, you will lose -- and the next global war may begin., (U.S. & Israel, hard at work - still)
KATHLEEN CHRISTISON, The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel's Founding Idea: ... [E]ither Israel and its neocon supporters in the United States can dismantle Zionism's most egregious aspects by agreeing to establish a unitary state in Palestine inhabited by the Palestinians and Jews whose land this is, or the world will face a conflagration of a scale not fully imaginable now.
Wosing the War
Zionist Hit List
Film of Israeli raid raises questions: The young Palestinian man was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt on a cold winter morning as he walked in front of heavily armed Israeli soldiers on a door-to-door sweep of three apartments in a crowded West Bank neighborhood.

In the AP video, the young Palestinian man is seen leading soldiers to the door of a home. He stands outside as troops move in, then leads the soldiers up some stairs to the apartment's main entrance.

The man enters the home ahead of the soldiers. Gunshots are heard as several soldiers stand guard outside. The man then leaves the home, walks down the stairs and escorts the soldiers around the side of the building, where he said he led soldiers into two more apartments out of view of the cameras.

In interviews with the AP, the Palestinian man, Sameh Amira, 24, said he was awakened at about 5 a.m. by soldiers and ordered to go with his family to a neighboring home. About an hour later, he said he was forced to lead troops into three apartments, including his own. He said he was not allowed to put on warmer clothes.

"They asked me to walk in front of them against my will," he said, adding that he was occasionally prodded along at gunpoint.

Inside his home, he said soldiers opened fire at bedroom closets. "All the time, I was scared, terrified. Anything could happen," he told the AP, pointing to bullet holes in the floor, closet doors and clothing in the closets.
Kurt Nimmo, Sy Hersh: Neolib Disinfo Operative?
Robert Fisk, How easy it is to put hatred on a map: Why are we trying to divide up the peoples of the Middle East? Why are we trying to chop them up, make them different, remind them - constantly, insidiously, viciously, cruelly - of their divisions, of their suspicions, of their capacity for mutual hatred? Is this just our casual racism? Or is there something darker in our Western souls?
Ray McGovern, Who the Hell Knows? How Far is Iran from the Bomb?

The ultimate aim, in my view, should be a Middle East free of nuclear weapons. That would have the best chance of stopping whatever plans the Iranians and others have to develop nuclear weapons. And please do not tell me that, because Israel would not agree, we cannot move in this direction. It is time to override the Israeli veto—for the Israelis’ own sake. The U.S. and other Israel supporters can provide the necessary guarantees of the security of Israel. What has become increasingly clear is that Israeli intransigence on this issue is not a viable middle- or long-term strategy serving Israel's own interest—not to mention the interests of justice and peace in the region.

Forgive me for mentioning the quaint idea of justice and peace. But THAT is the side America should be on. (emphasis added)

(Then, too, there is the matter of U.S. WMD's, including nuclear weapons.)
Evidence of torture found in Basra prison raid
Video (7 min.), Al Jazeera - 9/11 Conspiracies
(Anyone else detecting a bit of a stench here?)
U.S., Iraqi forces enter Shiite center: Outside Baghdad, U.S. soldiers described a raid last week that uncovered a suspected Sunni "torture site" and the rescue of two Iraqi captives, who apparently had been spared immediate execution because the militants' video camera broke and they wanted to film the killing.
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