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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Iraqi Sunnis turning Iraq's victory into a defeat for fistful of dollars"

Al-Qaida 's presence in Iraq (brought on by the American occupation) is weakening the Iraqi Resistance. Imad Khadduri.
This was a comment by Freydoun on the previous posting "Bush is a genius":
"Just look at how some so called Iraqi Sunnis turned Iraq's victory into a defeat for fistful of dollars?"

".... When Capt Cosper had gone, the men were beaten up and taken to the cell. Later, one of Abu Abed's men drove up and shouted: "I brought another one." His face was shining with happiness.
"Where is he?" asked a captain.
"In the boot," replied the gunman. "I found him standing in the street behind Abu Omar's building."
"Are you sure you didn't capture Mudhar? I asked him to guard the back."
"No, no, I am sure he is one of them," said the fighter. The captain pulled out a shaking man from the boot like a magician pulling out a rabbit. "Ah Mudhar, I am sorry," said the captain. "I told you he is one of us."
The fighter kissed Mudhar twice and said he was sorry but Mudhar should try not to look so suspicious in future.
Mudhar, still shaky, looked at him. Then, confused and angry, walked away."

Meet Abu Abed: the US's new ally against al-Qaida November 10, 2007

"Inside a stately guesthouse on the grounds of Saddam Hussein's palace in Tikrit on the banks of the Tigris, sheikh Sabah al-Hassani jokes that the initials "SH" of the former dictator etched on the walls are his.
"I have a weakness for Cuban cigars, French cologne, and Spanish-made loafers," he says with a wide grin."

Will 'armloads' of US cash buy tribal loyalty? November 8, 2007

And the response (Divide and Conquer):

"U.S. and Iraqi forces killed an estimated 15 al-Qaeda gunmen during a fierce battle south of Baghdad after the militants launched a major attack on recently formed neighborhood patrols, the U.S. military said Tuesday.
The military said up to 45 al-Qaeda fighters launched a mortar attack and then assaulted two checkpoints manned by local security guards on Monday using small arms and heavy machine guns mounted on trucks in a day-long fight.
U.S. F-16 warplanes dropped two 500-pound bombs during the battle in the town of Adwaniya, about 12 miles southeast of Baghdad.
The al-Qaeda raid marked one of the biggest attacks on neighborhood patrols, many of which are paid by the U.S. military, since their numbers began increasing in and around Baghdad a few months ago.
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite-led government has voiced suspicion of such armed groups, which are made up predominantly of Sunni Arabs. A number of local guards are former insurgents who have since turned against al-Qaeda.
Col. Terry Ferrell, commander of U.S. troops in the Adwaniya area, said U.S. and Iraqi ground forces and U.S. helicopters and warplanes were used to repel the attack. Two members of the 100-strong Adwaniya "concerned citizens" unit (emphasis added), set up only a week ago, were killed."

U.S.-Iraqi forces kill at least 15 in al-Qaeda battle November 14, 2007

U.S. finds a way to pacify* Iraqi town— by using cash
* 'Pacify': Any time this hideous Orwellian Word-of-War is employed one can be certain 'Democracy' is not on the Agenda. Nor was it ever intended.
Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006
Jill Dekker
Mukasey conspiracy theory: ... The Jewish Billionaires own the Democrats. They want Mukasey as he will continue Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ (necessary to continue to provide a reason for American support for Israel), they want the war in Iraq to continue until Iraq is broken into three parts, and they want to keep Cheney, who is the last bastion of neocon, i. e., Israeli, power in the White House.
1 civilian killed in blast in Baghdad: A witness at a hotel inside the Green Zone said the force of the blast shook the dust off the building's outside walls.
Israel 'is ready to return Golan Heights': ... if ... .
Torturing Palestinian Detainees
U.S. Army reiterates waterboarding ban (Oh, good!)
Chalabi returns to prominence and power: Chalabi espouses free-market doctrine as the best way to cure the area's ills, a prescription that would buoy his neoconservative benefactors if they were here to hear it. ('Suppose they have? Heard it, that is.)
Rice accuses Iran of spreading extremism: "We will defend against any action, as we always have, that would compromise Israel's security," Rice said to applause from delegates at the meeting of the United Jewish Communities.
State extends time for Iraq volunteers
Israel won't be included in new genocide probes
Good going, ladies!!!
Leaked Guantanamo Bay manual reveals that Red Cross has been systematically denied access to prisoners : The manual shows how the military coded each prisoner according to the level of access the Red Cross would have. The four levels are:
* No Access
* Visual Access -- ICRC can only look at a prisoner's physical condition.
* Restricted Access -- ICRC representatives can only ask short questions about the prisoner's health.
* Unrestricted Access
Press conference by office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 13 Nov 2007: Of particular concern were the serious difficulties of women, who made up a large portion of the refugee population, including many women heads of households, single women, women with children and women without male support, she went on. There had been a resurgence of problems, such as “weekend marriages”, in which young girls in a family were made available for traditional marriage ceremonies for a weekend to men willing to pay for such a ceremony. A divorce was then arranged at the end of the weekend. Such an arrangement was not labelled as prostitution, but as marriage, although in reality it was “survival sex”. That protection issue also needed to be addressed.

Another underreported situation concerned the fact that Iraq had also been a host country for refugees, so now, refugees of other nationalities were fleeing Iraq, she said. Those included Palestinians, which numbered some 13,000 inside Iraq. Several in that category of refugees were stuck in the no-man’s land between Syria and Iraq, or inside Iraq. ...

U.S. accused of ignoring crisis for 4.5 million displaced Iraqis
(Crisis? What crisis? Anyway, would you prefer to have Saddam back?)
The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance
Why Are They So Afraid of Ron Paul?
UN praises Cuba's ability to feed people (QUITE clearly, the natives need to be democratized!)
Glitterati at Leviev’s New York Gala Stunned by Palestinian Rights Protest: Over 100 well-dressed, well-heeled New Yorkers attending the invitation-only opening of diamond mogul Lev Leviev’s Madison Avenue jewelry store this evening appeared stunned and aghast to find their evening derailed by a noisy protest against Leviev’s construction of illegal West Bank settlements. Gala attendees set down their champagne glasses and gathered by windows to view the signs and Palestinian flags, and hear protesters’ chants.
Israeli legislature votes to seize East Jerusalem: "(Preliminary) passage of the legislation, two weeks before the Annapolis conference, sends an important and clear signal to the entire international community that all of the people of Israel and parliament oppose concessions in Jerusalem," said Gideon Saar, the Likud lawmaker who sponsored the bill.
The Airline Terrorist Hoax
35m Americans go hungry in 2006 (See Comment: November 14, 2007 2:40 PM)
Who are similar in what particular way? ... It is curious that things have shifted in the United States so rapidly that International Jewry can’t even find a Gentile, other than the embarrassing John Bolton, to front for them.
U.S. military says kills 25 insurgents in Iraq: U.S. forces backed by aircraft ...
Giuliani’s marriage of convenience: ... If he manages to take the White House he’ll be akin to Bush on steroids ... .

US airstrikes kill 25 Al Qaida suspects in Iraq
: Troops killed one gunmen while 24 more were killed in the airstrikes, a military statement said. (And no civilian casualties?)
Olmert ups the ante ahead of talks: Occupied Jerusalem: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said yesterday talks on Palestinian statehood must be predicated on the recognition of Israel as "the state of the Jewish people", a new Israeli condition.
Hamas rulers must be brought down says Abbas
In Iraq, the silence of the lambs: Violence is no longer hitting the headlines, but it clearly continues. Bodies of Iraqis killed after being tortured are still found in garbage dumps, although fewer than a few months ago.

”Iraqi and American officials should be ashamed of talking of 'unidentified bodies',” said Haja Fadhila, from the Ghazaliya area of western Baghdad. ”These are the bodies of Iraqis who had families to support, and names to be proud of. But nobody talks about them, there is no media. It is as if it is all taking place on Mars.”
The Book That Can’t Be Published In America Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews
Irrefutable logic . . .
Latin America’s Shock Resistance: In less than two years, the lease on the largest and most important US military base in Latin America will run out. The base is in Manta, Ecuador, and Rafael Correa, the country’s leftist president, has pronounced that he will renew the lease “on one condition: that they let us put a base in Miami–an Ecuadorean base. If there is no problem having foreign soldiers on a country’s soil, surely they’ll let us have an Ecuadorean base in the United States.”
Stop the Lies,
Stop the Funding,
Stop the Genocide:

So all of this is only posturing on all sides, posturing of the most transparently phony kind: posturing to satisfy various constituencies, posturing to provide talking points for the 2008 elections, posturing to satisfy the fragile but enormous vanity of all these repellent political hacks. Meanwhile, IRAQIS ARE DYING IN HUGE NUMBERS.
"Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper." ~ George Orwell

(In case you missed it - above)
No Remembrance, No Remorse for the Fallen of Iraq: On Remembrance Day 2007 – Veterans Day in America – the great and the good bowed their heads at the Cenotaph. Generals, politicians, newsreaders, football managers and stock-market traders wore their poppies. Hypocrisy was a presence. No one mentioned Iraq. No one uttered the slightest remorse for the fallen of that country. No one read the forbidden list.

The forbidden list documents, without favor, the part the British state and its court have played in the destruction of Iraq. Here it is:

1. Holocaust denial
On 25 October, Dai Davies MP asked Gordon Brown about civilian deaths in Iraq. Brown passed the question to the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, who passed it to his junior minister, Kim Howells, who replied: "We continue to believe that there are no comprehensive or reliable figures for deaths since March 2003." This was a deception. In October 2006, the Lancet published research by Johns Hopkins University in the US and al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad which calculated that 655,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the Anglo-American invasion. A Freedom of Information search revealed that the government, while publicly dismissing the study, secretly backed it as comprehensive and reliable. The chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defense, Sir Roy Anderson, called its methods "robust" and "close to best practice." Other senior governments officials secretly acknowledged the survey's "tried and tested way of measuring mortality in conflict zones." Since then, the British research polling agency, Opinion Research Business, has extrapolated a figure of 1.2 million deaths in Iraq. Thus, the scale of death caused by the British and US governments may well have surpassed that of the Rwanda genocide, making it the biggest single act of mass murder of the late 20th century and the 21st century. (emphasis added)
[ . . . ]
Palestinian olive harvests show marked decline as Israeli settlers 'poach' crops: The farmers, who are only allowed within the fences for a few days a year, say the settlers steal most of their crop before they arrive, often in plain view on the rocky slope above the fence.
Did NSA Put a Secret Backdoor in New Encryption Standard? (Only if the thought had occurred to them.)
When the Israeli army comes knocking
US drops plan to force diplomats to Iraq
How big a role did disgraced CIA officer have?
Prouty was assigned a sensitive post in Baghdad, NBC News has learned
Chalabi returns to prominence and power,0,2576954.story?coll=la-home-world
تمر اليوم الخميس ذكرى بناء عاصمة العباسيين ومنارة الدنيا ودار السلام بغداد التي شيدها المنصور العباسي في العام الهجري 145.

وقد استغرق بناء بغداد خمس سنوات لتتحول إلى مركز للثقافة العربية والإشعاع الإسلامي إلى كل الدنيا رغم أن خيول الأجانب وطأت ترابها لأكثر من 20 مرة تفيق بعدها وتسطع من جديد.

وتتميز بغداد ببناء أفقي يمتد لنحو 45 كلم طولا ولنحو 50 كلم عرضا وتتكون من 872 حيا سكنيا في طرفيها الكرخ والرصافة.

ويقول حسن الكناني الموظف في أمانة بغداد للجزيرة نت إن الاحتفال بذكرى تأسيس بغداد بدأ منذ العام 1987 حيث يجتمع المختصون بتأريخ المدينة والشعراء وتلقى الخطب التي تتناول تأريخ المدينة وتقام معارض الرسم التي تتناول تأريخ المدينة إضافة للعديد من المداخلات التاريخية التي تليق بتأريخ هذه المدينة، إلا أن الاحتفالات توقفت في السنوات الأربع الماضية.

وينقل أستاذ التأريخ في كلية الآداب بجامعة بغداد خليل ألناشي عن الخطيب البغدادي المؤرخ المعروف في وصف بغداد القول "لم يكن لبغداد في الدنيا نظير, في جلالة قدرها وسعة أطرافها وكثرة دورها ومنازلها ودروبها وشوارعها ومحالها وسككها وخاناتها وطيب هوائها وعذوبة مائها وبرد ظلالها وأفيائها واعتدال صيفها وشتائها وصحة ربيعها وخريفها".{A2A4D20B-BF0D-49FC-AF02-5BA411D73BA8}
Venezuela: Between Ballots And Bullets: Venezuela’s democratically elected Present Chavez faces the most serious threat since the April 11, 2002 military coup.
[ . . . ]

History has repeatedly taught that when you put social democracy, egalitarianism and popular power at the top of the political agenda, as Chavez has done, and as the vast majority of the populace enthusiastically responds, the Right, the reactionary military, the ‘Centrist’ political defectors and ideologues, the White House, the hysterical middle classes and the Church cardinals will sacrifice any and all democratic freedoms to defend their property, privileges and power by whatever means and at whatever cost necessary. In the current all-pervasive confrontation between the popular classes of Venezuela and their oligarchic and military enemies, only by morally, politically and organizationally arming the people can the continuity of the democratic process of social transformation be guaranteed.
Cholera kills boy at notorious Baghdad orphanage: An Iraqi child has died from cholera after falling ill at a Baghdad orphanage that became infamous this year when starving, naked children were discovered tied to their beds, a health official said on Thursday.

(George Bush: Eat this with your Thanksgiving turkey.)
US launches raids south of Baghdad: About 600 U.S. soldiers launched an air assault south of Baghdad on Friday, targeting militants believed to be involved in the May kidnapping of three American soldiers, the military said.

(Something terribly wrong with this piece:
1. 600 soldiers launch an 'air assault'?
2. targeting people supposedly involved in an incident that took place 6 months ago?)
US unleashes six bloggers in assault on Islamist propaganda: Grass roots efforts to seed pro-US sentiments would be more successful if the 180,000 American troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan were encouraged to blog about their experiences ... . (Hmmmmm)
Video (6 min), Blood is Thicker Than Blackwater: Keith Olbermann exposes the the relationship between the Krongard brothers and the sabotage of the investigation by the so-called unintentional offers of immunity to the Blackwater employees under investigation.
Mazuz OKs cuts to Gaza's electricity
Rice Kisses Lobby's A**
Transcript of Rice G.A. speech: When Israel was besieged by terrorism, it was the United States that insisted that Israel have the same rights as every nation on Earth, the right to defend itself. (Applause.) When people used to say -- and we now forget that people used to say it -- "One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter" -- it was the United States that said no, the intentional murder of innocent people is wrong -- anywhere, any time, always, period. (Applause.)
(Do you suppose that - off stage - Rice has the decency to vomit?)
The new Faderland: 'Resistance to [Israeli fascism], is not, how shall we put it, much loved in these parts': [ . . . ]
A day before Sophie Scholl was arrested, after traveling all over Germany with the group's militant leaflets and dropping them in mail boxes, she wrote to a friend: "I have put on a recording of the Trout symphony. Listening to the andantino makes me want to be a fish myself. Even when the heart is sad, one cannot stop the surge of joy and delight at the sight of spring clouds in the sky and tree branches in bud ... Oh, how I long for spring again." The very next day, she was taken away by the Gestapo, together with her brother, Hans. Neither of them ever lived to see the spring. [ . . . ]

... Prof. Moshe Zuckerman, in his introduction, offers two reasons for the paucity of Israeli discourse on German resistance. First of all, he writes, there was very little resistance ("I am not talking about those who were clear opponents of Nazism from the start, such as the communists and certain social democratic factions"). And second, it goes back to how Israeli ideology coped with the Holocaust: There was no place for other aspects of Nazism and its war against its enemies.

I believe there are at least two other important reasons for this phenomenon: First of all, the reduction of the hangman-victim conception developed by West Germany. It is much easier to deal with representation of the past when the executioners are 100 percent German and the victims are 100 percent Jewish. Any other depiction complicates the German identity, stirs up accusations about the Communist past and is accompanied by silent hatred for those who dared.

In short, resistance is absent from the discourse. There are no streets (or at least not important streets, not in West Germany) named after opponents of the regime, and there is no commemoration of those who were killed for their outspokenness. (Israeli professors who sit in institutes funded by Germany also stay away from this sensitive topic: Former SS officers receive a state pension while deserters are on the verge of starvation). [ . . . ]

But maybe there is one other reason for the lack of knowledge. The culture of resistance has become increasingly alien to us. How many of us have taken part in the arrest and interrogation of people whose clandestine leaflets say: "Support the resistance movement - distribute these flyers"? Widerstand, resistance, is not, how shall we put it, much loved in these parts.

What Has Become of the "Iraqitects"?

They're smugly insulated from the slightest condemnation or effective punishment for their crimes against humanity. And they're working quietly behind the headlines, advising the Republican presidential candidates about who to attack for America's next war of imperial plunder and terror. America is richly rewarding them for their shining accomplishments in devastating and occupying Iraq.

They're modern-day America's "best and brightest". Just like Germany's "best and brightest" all showed up at the Wannsee Conference.
The Fall of Zionism
Maimed and Murdered by the State: Read the entire story -- and look at the photographs of Tyler Ziegel, then and now.

These are only two examples out of many thousands -- to say nothing of the more than one million Iraqis who have been slaughtered, the many tens of thousands of Iraqis who have been grievously wounded, and the several millions who now live as desperate refugees.

And all of this in a damnable "war of choice" -- a war that was entirely unnecessary, a criminal war of aggression identical in principle to similar crimes committed by Nazi Germany -- a pattern that our ruling class now prepares to repeat in a virtually identical manner with Iran, a war fueled by lies.

Senator: U.S. has become haven for war criminals

British General: Our Presence ‘Instigated’ Violence In Iraq, ‘90 Percent’ Reduction After Withdrawal: After Britain partially withdrew forces from southern Iraq in September, the White House slandered its “closest ally,” claiming “British forces have performed poorly in Basra” and suggested “it’s best that they leave.”

The White House should take notice of what has happened in Basra as British troops have left. According to Maj. Gen. Graham Binns, commander of British forces in Basra, the presence of British troops instigated violence. Now, violence has reportedly dropped to one-tenth that of earlier levels:

The presence of British forces in downtown Basra, Iraq’s second-largest city, was the single largest instigator of violence, Maj. Gen. Graham Binns told reporters Thursday on a visit to Baghdad’s Green Zone.

“We thought, ‘If 90 percent of the violence is directed at us, what would happen if we stepped back?,’” Binns said.

Are Iraq's Detainees Treated Fairly? (Absurd question)
Poland to end Iraq mission in 2008
Iraqi TV reporter kidnapped in Baghdad
Israel slams IAEA for 'failing to expose' Iran ambitions ("Only WE are allowed to burn the house down.")

Mass grave unearthed in southern Baghdad
Inexpensive Toilet Paper
Video (1 hr 15 min), Paying The Price: Killing The Children Of Iraq: A documentary film by John Pilger

Sanctions enforced by the UN on Iraq since the Gulf War have killed more people than the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, including over half a million children - many of whom weren't even born when the Gulf War began.

(This 2000 film was my initiation into the reality that western media never touch. It constituted my maiden voyage into the truth. At the time it was almost too much to believe. But I did. John Pilger destroyed my innocence. I am grateful.)
Irrelevantization: Annapolis won’t directly lead to progress, but it will force Israel to embarrass the Americans in public, an action which the Israelis know will be the beginning of the end of the weird special relationship, especially in this climate where it has become commonplace for vassal states to disrespect the United States. When the state that depends the most on the United States for its very existence chooses to make Americans look like weak fools, the patronage won’t last much longer.
(How did I happen to miss FOX and CNN coverage of this?)
UC Santa Barbara Students Drive Out CIA: The CIA was scheduled to hold an “infosession” for students interested in jobs with the agency. Right as the session began, four activists entered the room and began to demonstrate waterboarding, a torture technique used by the CIA. After only one minute of the waterboarding demonstration the room was plunged into chaos by a group calling itself the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army. The Rebel Clowns, joined by several dozen antiwar organizers took over the meeting room and began passing out information on the CIA’s use of illegal torture techniques and literature related to the agency’s long history of subverting foreign governments, assassinating foreign leaders and subverting democracy.
Video (1 min),
Lebanese Leader Pledges Cash to Straighten Rice’s Teeth, Institutionalize Bush
(How dare he !!! How dare he !!! How dare he !!! How dare he !!! How dare he !!! , etc., etc., etc., etc.)
Israel: We won't negotiate at Annapolis
Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake
ورغم ان امام وخطيب المسجد تغيب عن المشاركة في استقبال هذه اللجنة التي حصلت على الموافقة لزيارة المسجد والالتقاء بالعراقيين بوساطة سمسار عراقي يحصل على عموله مقابل تقديم هذه الخدمات ، الاعلان فيه عن عروض العمل للعراقيين

مع الجيش الامريكي ، الا ان الانتقادات وجهت الى الامام والخطيب، لان المشرفين على المسجد بم يكونوا ليقدموا على عمل من هذا النوع الا باستئذانه ، لذا اعتبرته الجالية مسؤولا مسؤولية مباشرة عن تسهيل مهام هذه اللجنة التي ضمت كالعادة ممثلين لوزارة الدفاع والمخابرات والشرطة الفيدرالية الامريكة ، يذكر ان امام المسجد ينتمي الى احد الاحزاب المشاركة في الحكم في العراق حاليا .
Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States? (Go ahead and vote. I did. We know it won't make a bit of difference, but it is interesting.)
3 Iraqi soccer players seek asylum
Pakistan: Princess Ferragamo at the Barricades: It’s all about “regime change”

... It’s just another grim chapter in the “color-coded revolution” digest. The whole performance is being staged courtesy of the US intelligence agencies and the compliant establishment media. Bush doesn’t care about democracy any more than Bhutto. What he’s looking for is someone who’ll take on the Taliban in Waziristan. That's it. And that's why Musarraf's day's are numbered.

... By supporting regime change we are tacitly endorsing the Bush Doctrine and everything connected to it. We are endorsing the clandestine interventions which destabilized Lebanon, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. We are endorsing the coups d’etats in Haiti and Venezuela. We are endorsing the aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. We are endorsing the ethnic cleansing, the collective punishment, the killing of civilians, the cultural annihilation, Shock and Awe, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Falluja, and the utter destruction of Iraqi society. We are endorsing the claim that one nation has the right to unilaterally violate the national sovereignty of another country, without authorization from the United Nations, simply to advance its own geopolitical ambitions.

That's what regime change really means and after 7 years of unrelenting violence--one million dead Iraqi civilians, 4 million refugees, and entire region of the world in chaos—it is a wonder that any sane person can knowingly support this same bloody policy?
Thousands protest US torture training
Muslims Discover Ron Paul
ADL Threatens Ron Paul
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