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Friday, February 08, 2008

For the record

Juan Cole wrote on February 8, 2008:

"Iraqi scientist Saad Tawfiq, the closest thing the CIA had to a horse's mouth, warned the US before the war that Saddam had closed all of his WMD programs by 1995. He was blown off and ignored. It may be that the CIA analysts most willing to listen to him were marginalized and even fired by the pro-war faction around VP Dick Cheney.

Other Iraqi scientists, such as Imad Khadduri, also tried to tell the world that Iraq had no nuclear weapons program. I cited this article at my blog before the war in Feb. 2003 at a time when the corporate media were parroting Bush's fantastic and false allegations.

Someone should do a study of how many times the corporate media brought Khidir Hamza, a Chalabi plant, on evening news programs in 2002 and early 2003, and look into exactly who kept booking him and who kept pushing him on the producers and why Tawfiq's and Khadduri's stories were buried. Hamza was a computer scientist who had something to do with the nuclear program for like six months in 1989 and had no way of knowing anything later than that, but he got all our media face time. The US media system is corrupt, and it is harming and sometimes even killing us."

For the record, and to elucidate and correct Cole's comments, I have written and posted the following concerning the above.

On Hamza:

''Saddam's bombmaker' is full of lies'' November 27, 2002

''Khidhir Hamza: The bogus intelligence source'' September 29, 2003

On the "intelligence" of the the American Intelligence and the US corporate media system:

But, but .. "It's just a -- it's unnatural" July 04, 2005

The "we did not know" lie January 03, 2006

An Arabic saying: “the rope of lying is short but enough to hang oneself"
PS: more of the same

David Albright, who offered Khidir Hamza sancturay upon his arrival in the US under CIA protection in 1994 and who connected the other similar despicable character Mahdi Al-Obaidi (Obeidi) with the CIA in Baghdad in 2003, exposes his own true colors in 2007:

"Someone apparently then commissioned David Albright (who claims to be a "physicist" and a former "UN inspector" in Iraq) to "analyze" the satelitte photo-imagery of a 2000 square kilometer area of Syria, in an attempt to identify a site that was consistent with the earlier Times and Post nuclear-reactor site reports.
Quoth Albright;
"The fact that we independently found this site by searching for a reactor either is one of the world's most remarkable coincidences or is further evidence that the site could be a reactor."

Another Act of War February 9, 2008

Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches
U.S. Agents Seize Travelers' Devices
: The seizure of electronics at U.S. borders has prompted protests from travelers who say they now weigh the risk of traveling with sensitive or personal information on their laptops, cameras or cellphones. In some cases, companies have altered their policies to require employees to safeguard corporate secrets by clearing laptop hard drives before international travel.
Major IDF operation in Gaza back on the agenda: Following many weeks of being kept on ice, the likelihood of a major military operation in the Gaza Strip is once more at the forefront.
Gaza Diary: Not a life for children: It has been five days now since I have had a shower. This is due to a lack of power to fuel the water system and to the hectic times that are upon us.

It is winter and we are all beginning to get very cold. Without electricity, all my family and I can do to stay warm it to huddle around a gas lamp. We cover ourselves in sheets.

Sometimes, I warm some water for my children to immerse their hands or feet in. But there is very little that we can do apart from hope that this will be the last time that we live like this.

The cold makes it difficult for us to get to sleep but even when we manage to, the blasts of Palestinian and Israeli rockets wake us throughout the night. The tremors and explosions scare my children so much that they now sleep with my wife and me.

They are so small and vulnerable and also very confused. They come home from school talking of Hamas and Fatah, but they do not understand the situation.

This is not a life for children. It is not for anyone.

My third child is due in March. This is just two months away.

As a father and a husband I am worried - really worried for my wife and my unborn child. How can she deliver a child when there is no electricity and little supplies in the hospitals?

Will she and our third child suffer as a result? These are some of the questions that keep me awake at night.

Speaking about this makes me want to cry, not just for my family but also for the people of Gaza.
Dear Dr. Imad,

They knew well there are no WMD, they knew well Iraq after 13 years of sanction was brought to its knees, and the regime lost his support inside Iraq even from closest guys with the regime circle.

But they need these liars for propaganda machine and they showed the world these the guys who were worked and ware inside Iraq to get credibility for their fake lies.

However you miss another lire Imad , guess who Hussein Shahristani, the lire on BBC and other media and interviews keep bring that Russian 5MW rector as Saddam tool to produce nuclear bombs so its not just Khidir Hamza, also the other lire Kanan Makiya with his book Republic of Fear where some resources telling that this book in fact paid by the regime to be published telling goods things about regime and Iraq.

So the reality is if there are criminals and crimes done against Iraq and Iraqis its should be hold account first of all these liars who approved be deliberately lied and helped to destroying Iraq and Iraqi nation.

I just say these are the folks should be brought to the court and charges with crimes that done to Iraq and should hanged.

Iraqi’s will not forget them.
Video (10 min), FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Just for laughs . . .
Could Blair be Europe's George Washington?
Blair as permanent EU president? Oh no! In reality, Blair's seeming invincibility doesn't so much depend on the alignment of planets; it has more to do with his personal charm and quick wit. But even more importantly it hangs on his status as one of the boys. He's a man with connections in the corridors of international power. He's cultivated the right people. He's proffered George W. Bush a sweater not to mention thousands of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He's been anointed to hobnob with elite world leaders, bankers and captains of industry at secretive Bilderberg meetings, where foreign policy strategies are struck long before they are implemented. He's allegedly attended the annual jamboree of select movers and shakers held at California's Bohemian Grove and he's beloved by Rupert Murdoch's media empire. In contrast, Brown, who long ago lost his title as the great clunking fist, appears almost parochial.

Naturally, Blair's new presidential aspirations are being supported by another member of the "in-crowd," the newly-wed French President Nicolas Sarkozy, dubbed the neocon with the French passport. On a range of important issues -- including Iran -- the Washington-worshipping duo is singing from the exact same hymn sheet.
Would Tony Blair make a good EU president? To post a comment click here.
G.I. Tells of Ordering Unarmed Iraqi’s Death: The military trials have highlighted a secret baiting program, begun in early 2007, in which snipers placed lures like fake explosives or other weaponry to draw insurgents into the open, where they could be killed.

But Sergeant Hensley’s testimony at the base here suggested that by last spring, in addition to baiting and killing, soldiers had added a new tactic: carrying weapons to plant on bodies to deter prosecution.
A nuclear-free mirage: The Middle East cannot be freed from weapons of mass destruction unless the US turns the spotlight on Israel
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