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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why the Resistance?

The following is a Memri video. Memri is a well exposed Zionist information/disinformation front.

The only reason that they took the trouble to collate, English subtitle and post this interview with Norman Finkelstein in Lebanon on January 20, 2008 was the last sentence: "Israel has to suffer a defeat".

I wish that the English subtitles were not superimposed on and have truncated the Arabic translation, for what the Resistance means should be seen by many Arabs.

If anybody has the interview with the Arabic translation intact, I would appreciate receiving it to post it here.
This is a related issue: an interview with Haifa Zangana on the Iraqi Resistance.
The answer to the title question: Not and Never this!!

Another Killing Spree in Mesopotamia: “Pacifying” Mosul: In the Orwellian world of the United States military, when a killing spree in Mesopotamia is embarked upon, it is called an “Iraq Pacification Operation'”. There have been hundreds of these (I abandoned counting at three hundred and eighty, with numerous more to go.)

In words and deeds, happenings in Iraq are chillingly redolent of Nazi Germany. Neighborhoods walled in and “cleansed” of Sunnis, others of Shias, Christians and Iraq's richness of minorities ... people who have lived together and inter-married since time immemorial. The distinctions were imposed with the incoming tanks and troops - divide and rule writ large. In Falluja, Goebbel's ghost walks tall. The residents even have their own identifying arm patch to prove it. And it has certainly been cleansed, in uncountable thousands - exactly how many unknown, since in the words of General Tommy Franks it is not “productive” to count Iraqi deaths.

So how is Mosul to be purified? The most ethnically diverse city in Iraq, consisting of Arabs, Syriacs, Kurds, Armenians, Turcomans, Jews, Christians, Yazedi's, Muslims and a trading centre since the sixth century BC. Who will draw the short straw? Their slaughter justified in a search, of course, for “Al Qaeda” with the innocents “a mistake”, “regrettable” or “collateral damage”. Americas military planners have become the modern day equivalent of the child who repeatedly cried “wolf', they continually justify massacre by crying “Al Qaeda. In 1935, Major General Smedley Butler, referred to the '”racketeering” of the “military gang”. He described his military career as a: “... muscle man for big business, Wall Street and the bankers”. In Mosul's case, surrounded by and floating on oil, the “muscle” is for Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobile...

The pastoral Yazedis have already been subject to a cleansing last August, blamed of course on suicide bombers from “Al Qaeda”, who presumably, thoughtfully, left identification amongst their and others body parts - similar to the two “Down's syndrome” women, who detonated bombs in two pet markets two weeks ago.

Before the onslaught on Mosul begins, will soldiers walk as the apricot sun sinks beyond the Tigris and the great black curtain of keening birds, their cries rising heavenwards, yet hanging in the air, dance and swirl past to their secret places of the night? Will they watch the fishermen, in their tiny corraks, emerge silently from between the reeds, their reflections plumbing the translucent, golden and tangerine streaked Tigris? Will they reflect that it is the cradle of civilization they are destroying? Will they stop for a moment, to reflect on what actor David Garrick (1717-1779) referred to as: “That blessed word: Mesopotamia, which ... has the power to make men both laugh and cry”? Will they walk in wonder by Nineveh's winged bulls, these soldiers of God, in the land of so much of His Bible? If they did, they surely would walk away, heads hung and turn to another career path.

Mosul is threatened also with the collapse of the great dam to its north. The US Army Corps of Engineers has said it is in danger of a “catastrophic” breach, which is likely to wipe out much of the city and sweep an estimated half million people before it in a flood which could reach Baghdad. It does not take an engineer to figure that the US chosen method of pacification, bombing with up to two thousand pound munitions, would almost certainly create vibrations which would breach the dam.
Refugee stories - A boy's journey from Baghdad to Damascus: Ibrahim attended school up to 7th grade in the Baladiyat suburb of Baghdad. His family was forced to flee Iraq in July 2006 after their lives were increasingly threatened. First, his sister was kidnapped. Her captors demanded $50,000 for her release. Ibrahim's father, Thaer - quite well-off with two stores before the war - had had his savings drained and could only pay $5,000. The kidnappers accepted and his daughter was released the same day.
Following Orders: If I have my facts straight, Hitler killed only one person in his lifetime: himself. All the other atrocities that are attributed to him were carried out by people who were only following orders.
Most of You Will Eat Shit Until the Day You Die: For ease of computation, we'll use approximate figures. Assume the U.S.'s war crimes have resulted in one million deaths. That is roughly 1/26 of the total Iraqi population. An equivalent number of American deaths would be 11.5 million people. 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11. In terms of casualties, 11.5 million deaths represent 3,800 9/11s -- or a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Let me repeat that: a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Perhaps you think these casualty figures are highly inflated. Fine. Cut them in half. That's a 9/11 every day for a little over five years.
4 million Iraqis struggling for food - UN (Hmmmmm. The article ignores the illegal invasion/occupation as a cause.)
Israel Kills Top Hezbollah Leader In Syria Blast (One down. Ten million to go.)
Video (9 min.), Most important video on the internet
"Rape Israel" editor out of a job at Haaretz
Furor as Haaretz Editor tells Rice: "Israel wants to be raped": Landau opened his remarks by referring to Israel as a "failed state" politically. He said that the only way Israel could be saved would be if the United States were to impose a settlement. Landau told Rice "I implore you" to intervene and added that the Government of Israel wanted "to be raped".

Condoleezza Rice responded that whilst she appreciated the dilemmas facing Israel, the United States would never impose its views on the Jewish state in such a manner. Landau told the Jewish Week that the Secretary of State was completely unfazed by his remarks.

(What a colossally brave man.)
Rape Israel? Boycott Haaretz! According to The Jewish Week, Landau "referred to Israel as a failed state, one in need of a US-imposed settlement. He was said to have implored Rice to intervene, asserting that the Israeli government wanted 'to be raped.' He said that the opportunity to tell her this was for him a 'wet dream' come true.
Electronic Frontier Foundation and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections: The lawsuit (pdf), which was filed in the US District Court in San Francisco, calls for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unit of the DHS to cough up records that detail the "questioning, search and inspection" methods used on travellers who enter or return to the US through a number of ports.

According to the EFF, US citizen Amir Khan – an IT consultant working in Fremont, California – has been stopped every time he returns to the country from travels abroad.

He claimed that custom officials searched his laptop, books, personal notebooks and mobile phone. Khan also said that he has been held for questioning for more than 20 hours.

Other individuals made similar complaints as well as saying that the agency had grilled them about their religious practices, families, political beliefs and other activities on their return to the US from travels abroad.

The group's staff attorney Marcia Hofmann said in a statement: "The public has the right to know what the government's standards are for border searches. Laptops, phones, and other gadgets include vast amounts of personal information.

"When will agents read your email? When do they copy data, where is it stored, and for how long? How will this information follow you throughout your life? The secrecy surrounding border search policies means that DHS has no accountability to America's travellers."
(Of no consequence whatsoever . . . )
Giuliani deep 'in the hole' over campaign debts ( . . . other than to vent personal glee. Probably, however, some crime boss will bale him out. Don't worry, Rudy.)
Scalia says courts shouldn't prohibit torture (Fine. They won't.)
Tidbit: Life in Amerika -
Police suspended for dumping quadriplegic out of wheelchair
Israel seeks international backing for Gaza campaign
(As commented by WHR:
Notice that Israeli politicians did not take these 70 foreign ambassadors inside the Gaza strip, so that they could see the despair, the hunger, the lack of basic human necessities with which these people live day to day, courtesy of the Israeli siege.

Notice that these 70 foreign ambassadors never met with any officials from Gaza hospitals, where women and children are dying on a daily basis from a lack of medicine, and the refusal of the Israeli government to let them out of Gaza for treatment.

Israel showed these ambassadors just a little vignette of precisely what they wanted them to see, and nothing more.

It is too bad that these ambassadors were not allowed to see the real situation in Gaza, and appraise the true desperation which has become life as usual in this caged community.

When Foreign Ministry Spokesman Arye Mekel made the statement "It's important that the international community know what we are facing and what dangers are created by Hamas," he does a magnificent job of collectively blaming the victims, the Palestinian people, suffering under Israel's punishment.

Of course, the logical answer is that Israel and representatives sit down face to face and negotiate, but that is the last thing Israel wants to happen here.

Israel is hoping to find just the right time, and just the right justification to go into Gaza, guns blazing, and flatten any Palestinian left standing.

At that point, Gaza would be subsumed into "Eretz Israel".
Wayne Madsen Report (entire) -
February 13, 2008 -- Bush's strangest Syrian bedfellow: At center of suspicion in Hezbollah leader's car bombing: The head of Syrian military intelligence, Assef Shawkat, is no stranger to working with the CIA. Syria has, since 9/11, served as a host for the torture of "extraordinarily renditioned" prisoners captured by the CIA. Shawkat has been at the center of the CIA's program.

WMR has learned from reliable sources that the car bombing in Damascus of Hezbollah military commander Imad Mugniyah on February 12 was carried out by Shawkat with the active encouragement and support of Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams and Israel's Mossad. WMR has reported in the past that Abrams is the coordinator within the Bush White House of political assassinations, particularly those in the Middle East, and specifically, similar car bombing assassinations in Lebanon. WMR has also previously reported that many of the car bombings in Lebanon were the result of coordination between Israeli, American, and Syrian operatives, including "rogue" Syrians and Lebanese agents in the employ of Shawkat.

Mugniyah was wanted by the United States and Israel for a number of terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s, including the 1983 bombings of the US Embassy and Marine Barracks in Beirut, the 1985 hijacking of an Athens-to-Rome TWA flight in which Navy diver Robert Stethem was murdered, and the kidnapping and murder of Beirut CIA station chief William Buckley in 1984 and Marine Corps Lt. Col. William Higgins in 1988.

Significantly, the Israeli Prime Minister's office has denied any role in Mugniyah's assassination. However, Israeli government and intelligence officials are happy that it occurred.

Mugniyah's car exploded at around 10:30 pm in the up-market Tantheem Kafer Souseh neighborhood of Damascus. WMR has learned that the car bombing of Mugniyah was to be timed with the February 9th birthday of President Ronald Reagan, a gesture by Shawkat to the Americans, but the specially designed Mitsubishi seats containing the bombs were installed late, resulting in the February 12 assassination.

In the Middle East, dates, particularly anniversaries, carry much weight. The assassination of Lebanese Member of Parliament Elie Hobeika on January 24th 2002, coincided with the birthday of Elliott Abrams, the then-National Security Council Middle East director. Hobeika's car bombing assassination in Beirut was also carried out by Shawkat's operatives, according to WMR's Middle East sources. The Hobeika assassination was the first in a series carried out by the CIA and Mossad with the assistance of Shawkat's intelligence operatives in Lebanon.

Shawkat, by delivering the goods on the assassination of America's "Most Wanted" Mugniyah, has ensured that he will now receive the protection of the Bush White House in the current UN investigation of car bombings in Lebanon, most notably that of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Dear Imad:

You wrote above "interview with Haifa Zangana on the resistance," and left out the interviewer's name! Would it hurt you to add 'by Wafaa Al-Natheema'? It is surprising to see in return for how she promoted your book, blog, posts and even interviews on TV, that you deny a simple mention of her name for something she wonderfully has done! I posted on your blog another comment few months back about another matter published on your blog related to the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra asking who maintained their blog and you neither published my comment nor answered the question. All just to avoid any mention of her name on your blog? I am so disappointed with Iraqis and the way they have been treating Wafaa. Do you have the courage to answer honestly why? Walaa Ali
Thank you, Walaa, for your Comment. I do recognize the name from your enquiry on the Iraqi National Symphony. It is humbling to note that the archives of my postings are still being scrutized and are, hopefully, beneficial.

Regarding Zangana's interview, as you may have noticed from the more than 1,000 postings on this blog that I do not add the source and the author to the titles of articles and interviews that I allude to since they are fully contained in the linked article or interview itself. After all, this is the power of the Internet vis-a-vis referencing and citations traditional book. Linking is the power of the Internet and adding the full citation would be redundant.

As for the Zangana interview, once the link is opened, one finds:

Haifa Zangana on Iraqi Resistance

Uploaded by INEAS on Feb 11, 2008
This interview was recorded in New York on Tuesday, November 6, 2007.

This is only one part of the interview done by Wafaa' Al-Natheema. Other parts about the life and career of Haifa Zangana will be posted shortly. The entire interview can be obtained on DVD from the Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS) at
Email: and

Would you not agree that this is sufficient referencing?

As for who maintains the site of the Iraqi National Orchestra, I did post your Comment hoping that someone would be able to respond as I could not find it out myself from the scant information on their web site.

Furthermore, as I was wondering why I was not getting any Comments over a period of months lately, suddenly, Google's informed us bloggers of a new authoring interface and dumped upon us hundreds of Comments to respond to (many of them were spam and we had to decline each one them) and I am not sure now which of my responses to legitimate comments were published and which slipped in the cracks. As I mentioned at the beginning, I recall your name and my response to your previous comment.

Kindly give Wafaa my best regards.

If you would like to email me,, I would respond more succinctly.
Thank you for the comment. I have no control over the google business! Knowing my comment inquiring about who maintained the INSO blog was left on an old posting, I doubt that anyone will read my comment and provide the info! You spent a great deal of describing above on the power of linking, which is appreciated, but don't you think just adding three words 'by Wafaa Al-Natheema' would have been much easier and more practical? People link based on the information they read prior to linking. Thank you. Walaa Ali
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