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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unabashed loyalties ... In case you are hopeful

Sen. Joe Biden on Shalom TV

Update (from S Husseini):
Background: Biden's Iraq record August 23, 2008 -- recall the Dems had the Senate then, so he was head of Foreign Relations --
Biden questioned about Ritter charges
Biden questioned on Iraq oil law, January 22, 2007
Longer clips

"Joe Biden just held a conference call with reporters to "clarify a couple of things" about his Iraq plan, an endorsement of which was passed last week by the Senate as a non-binding resolution (the Biden-Brownback Iraq Federalism Amendment). It passed by a vote of 75-23, with substantial bi-partisan support. Senator Biden is angry at Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, whose embassy issued an unusual (and unsigned) statement criticizing the resolution. By doing so, the ambassador (and his superiors in Washington who no doubt authorized the statement) was adding his voice to that of Prime Minister al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders, all of whom complained that the kind of federalism called for in the resolution would lead to more sectarian violence and result in the bloody partition of the country. "It is not partition! It is not foreign imposition!" declared an amped-up Biden, over what sounded like a cell phone, while on break from campaigning in South Carolina. "It will not lead, as Prime Minister Maliki said, to more violence and bloodshed. I wonder what he thinks is happening now, by the way."" Biden: Quit Lying About My Partition Plan! October 1, 2007
"Sen. Barack Obama vowed Wednesday that Jerusalem must "remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."
"Any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said at the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential pro-Israel lobbying group.
"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided," Obama said."

Obama addresses rumors at pro-Israel conference June 4, 2008

Update: Comment by Maddi:

"So, are you FOR Obama and Biden like I am -- OR -- GOD FORBID --- the other side?
# posted by maddi (below): August 24, 2008 2:36 AM

The other side, which would hopefully accelerate the demise of the US Empire.
Bush has done quite a remarkable job of it so far.
I had favored his nomination 4 years ago, for just the above reason.
Poor Americans, to have to suffer this fate."
Imad Khadduri

For example: Dick Morris: “We’re in Iraq as a result of a democracy asking for us to come in there.” August 23, 2003

So, are you FOR Obama and Biden like I am -- OR -- GOD FORBID --- the other side?

The other side, which would hopefully accelerate the demise of the US Empire.
Bush has done quite a remarkable job of it so far.
I had favored his nomination 4 years ago, for just the above reason.
Poor Americans, to have to suffer this fate.

You may get your wish. I hope not, but our young guy and his older pal may not get on track with all the Dem hound dogs biting at their heels. Quite sad to waste good talent on a truly messed up country. The people WILL suffer. My kids and I already are. Our necessities of life have almost disappeared. The elderly here are freaking out because their pensions and lives are disappearing and health care is shrinking and making them more ill. Education is demanding ever more tax money without providing better teaching and learning. it's quite sad. So, you may get your wish.

But let me add this note that CANADA will not let our good young men who do not wish to kill even have a place in your country anymore now that you have a fascist at the helm. Bad things come to all countries who do bad things -- and it appears that CANADA is now on the side of IMPERIALISM! The ENTIRE WORLD is divided between FASCISTS and Liberals with fascists GROWING just like in WW 2 ! Why? Because average people don't know enough to combat the propaganda that surrounds us. We have succumbed to the Capitalists' plan to turn us into consumers of inferior "goods" that look good but fall apart. So, there you have it. The U.S. -- and CANADA -- and many countries in the E.U. -- may look good but all are falling apart. Your boy Bush was the psychologically flawed catalyst chosen by those who 'run things' in your country and mine to pull the trigger to end the world as we know it. NOW WHAT????
Government Urges Return to Stone Age: "After discovering that 'thermal expansion' of steel from a low-temperature fire led to the collapse of World Trade Center building 7," said NIST spokesperson Noh Wei, "we started realizing that other metal objects might also be at risk".

So NIST scientists tested other metallic objects using state-of-the-art computer models. The models predicted that every oven and barbeque in the country could disintegrate at any time, leading to a progressive collapse of entire houses.
NIST Discovers Fire
It's All Wrong, But It's All Right: Six months before the invasion of Iraq, four US senators asked the CIA to produce a National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq's WMDs. Ten days after the report came out, Biden joined the majority of the Senate in authorizing war.

Biden read the report and saw immediately that the White House was peddling major-league crapola.

"I did read it, and that's why I took issue from the very beginning, as you'll recall, from the very beginning, saying that what they were saying was not accurate."

Biden smelled a rat. So what did he do? Did he rush to inform his lazy colleagues who couldn't be bothered to read the NIE? No, that would be illogical. You see, when you catch a president in a lie, you draw the obvious conclusion:

"[Y]ou have to accept the assertions Presidents make. I make the assumption, when the National security Adviser tells me something, when the President tells me something, when the secretary of Defense tell s me something, when the secretary of State tells me something, they're telling the truth... It shouldn't be a moral obligation that we have to doublecheck them."
Bluffing The Economy, Bluffing Russia: All of NATO has been totally outmaneuvered by Russia. It is embarrassing. It is like watching the genius, Dr. Strangelove (Putin) against the three stooges, (Bush, Cheney and Rice, or if you prefer, Kissinger, Brzezinski and Rockefeller). ...

Allies of the neocons in Eastern Europe and throughout the world are going to have second thoughts about continuing to host US forces. Is it endangering their population rather than protecting it? Do we Americans really want to continue to fund bases worldwide? Is it not time we stopped being the world’s policeman and having wars for profit for the Illuminists in Washington and on Wall Street? If the US refuses to leave then they become an enemy – an occupying force. Where was the US State Department while this was going on? They obviously were hiding and eventually sent the nitwit Condi Rice into the fray. All the hard work, in an attempt to save the day for the Illuminists was done by France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy. What incompetence and stupidity. Next we will see NATO forces leave Afghanistan. Russia has won the initiative. It has broken out into a world leadership role. The geopolitical results for the US will preempt them from holding further top standing in Europe. From here on out Europe is going to move their political policy independent of the US. It is very important as well that it will now be recognized that US forces are no longer needed in Europe and should be finally withdrawn. NATO will soon be history. It has lost its reason to be. Lastly, the agreement the US has made with Poland on the neocon missile shield is not a NATO deal. The other EU nations wouldn’t go along with the program so the US had to go it alone. We could have in reverse another Cuban missile crisis. This time the US backs down or the world is incinerated.
Not susprising.
Biden has admitted to being a Zionist.
I'll give him one for honesty if for nothing else.
Beware the crypto zionists.
The approach to near and middle east politics can only get worse under a democratic president.

The key, as George Kistiakowski told me 40 years ago is to change the mind of American Jews.

40% of the funding for the democratic party came from Jewish sources when George was science advisir. That is tough. Some are sensible (Nioam Choamsky) but most dont stand up against their friends.
I get used to being called anti-semitic but most would not like being called a traitor.

I am hoping that the world will reject the anti-Russian stand such as ABMs in Poland and Czech republic and NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, and that will enable more of a balance.
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