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Friday, August 28, 2009

"We need to worry what our actions communicate"

"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [Admiral Mullen] has written a searing critique of government efforts at “strategic communication” with the Muslim world, saying that no amount of public relations will establish credibility if American behavior overseas is perceived as arrogant, uncaring or insulting.
To put it simply, we need to worry a lot less about how to communicate our actions and much more about what our actions communicate”.
Military chief seeks new plan to woo Muslims: Mullen says actions, not words, needed to erase 'arrogant Americans' label, August 28, 2009
Communication: from either Nevada or from a state on the Arab Gulf

U.S. military aggression/occupation/ordinance =

Iraq bombers were recently freed by US: official - “The suicide bomber who blew himself up at the ministry of foreign affairs was released three months ago from Camp Bucca,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity, referring to the US jail near Basra.

“The suicide bomber who blew himself up outside the ministry of finance was also released a few months ago from the same jail.”
Physicists Untangle Complicated Webs to Reveal that the World's Finances are Controlled by "Just a Few Mutual Funds, Banks, and Corporations"
1. The Capital Group of Companies
2. Fidelity Management & Research
3. Barclays PLC
4. Franklin Resources
5. AXA
6. JP Morgan Chase
7. Dimensional Fund Advisors
8. Merrill Lynch
9. Wellington Management Company
10. UBS
Secrets of the Federal Reserve: by Eustace Mullins
The World Order; A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism: by Eustace Mullins
The World Order (a 2nd link)
Torture Memos in a Book: ... [The author] points out ... in case it gets lost in the cumulative legalistic gibberish and sadism, that in response to requests from the CIA to know the legality of actions the CIA proposed to engage in ... the lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel always deemed the requested acts of torture legal. Always.
Iraqi journalist who hurled shoe at Bush gets early release for good behaviour

[Good Behaviour]

‘This is your farewell kiss, you dog!

This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.’
Video: You have to see this

(Posted at with the comment:

I was sent a video with no background information, so I posted it to YouTube with a simple request to ask if anyone could identify where the clip came from; whether it was real or whether it was from a movie.

Even before it finished conversions for YouTube, it was deleted for "terms of use violation."

Can anyone identify what this video is and why YouTube would be in such a hot hurry to kill it?
"Communicating" . . .

CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee's Will: As the session begins, the detainee stands naked, except for a hood covering his head. Guards shackle his arms and legs, then slip a small collar around his neck. The collar will be used later; according to CIA guidelines for interrogations, it will serve as a handle for slamming the detainee's head against a wall.

After removing the hood, the interrogator opens with a slap across the face -- to get the detainee's attention -- followed by other slaps, the guidelines state. ...
"Emergency Control" of the Internet: While promising to restore the "rule of law," "protect civil liberties" while "keeping America safe," in practice, congressional Democrats like well-coiffed Republican clones across the aisle, are crafting legislation that would do Dick Cheney proud!

As the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S.773) wends its way through Congress, civil liberties' advocates are decrying provisions that would hand the President unlimited power to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet.
Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US? It could not be made any clearer that the President of the United States and the US military have no regard whatsoever for democracy, human rights, and international law. This is yet another reason to apply crippling sanctions against Washington, a government that has emerged under Bush/Obama as a brownshirt state that deals in lies, torture, murder, war crimes, and deception.

Many governments are complicit in America’s war crimes. With Obama’s budget deep in the red, Washington’s wars of naked aggression are dependent on financing by the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Saudis, South Koreans, Indians, Canadians and Europeans. The second this foreign financing of American war crimes stops, America’s wars of aggression against Muslims stop.
Shh! Play Nice,The Americans Are Looking! According to Lebanese media outlet Al Manar,the Israeli army has canceled a number of planned arrest operations in the West Bank fearing soldiers will be “seen by US diplomats touring the territories”.
Wayne Madsen Report (in full) -
September 2, 2009 -- Zinni condemns use of "special envoys": Retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni, who served as commander of the US Central Command, warned in Washington yesterday that U.S. military trainers may have to remain in Iraq until 2020. The trainers serve under the aegis of the Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq (MNSTC-I). Zinni made his comments at a speech at the New America Foundation.

Zinni said the role of U.S. military personnel are to "train and equip" the Iraqi military and security forces until they can stand on their own. MNSTC-I now has an awkward name. Since the withdrawal of other members of the Bush administration's "Coalition of the Willing," the only "multinational" components of the military mission are the United States and Iraq.

Zinni also criticized the civil affairs missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries. He urged the military's civil affairs function to be separated from the U.S. Special Operations Command and serve as the core of a new Civil Affairs Command that would be composed of military and civilian personnel drawn from unified commands, and the State Department, including the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID).

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen recently criticized U.S. efforts to communicate U.S. strategy and plans to the Muslim world.

Zinni, who served as President George W. Bush's special envoy to Israel and Palestine, criticized the function, saying, "envoys are useless." Zinni said that special envoys are not confirmed by Congress and "have big egos." Zinni said, "envoys and summits don't work" and said you "could paper 'The Wall' with all the agreements previously penned by the Israelis and Palestinians. "The Wall" is a reference to the wall being built to separate Israelis from Palestinians.

Zinni stressed that the "Quartet" of international mediators in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be expanded to a "Quintet," with the addition of the Arabs, possible the Aeab League. The Quartet members are the United States, Russia, European Union, and United Nations.

Zinni also favors pulling U.S. ground troops out of Japan and South Korea. He criticized the move of U.S. troops from Okinawa to Guam, and urged the troops to be located in the United States proper, including Hawaii. Zinni said it would be sufficient to maintain logistics facilities and air bases in Japan and South Korea but not the tens of thousands of ground troops.

In answer to a question about Osama Bin Laden, Zinni replied, "I don't know where he is. Maybe K Street - he's a lobbyist." Although a joke, Zinni reflected a growing perception that Bin Laden is no longer of interest, something echoed by George W. Bush when he was president. A former high-level official of the State Department told WMR after the Zinni speech that "Al Qaeda" never consisted of more than 800 Wahhabi Muslims with few, if any, Afghans in their ranks. As for the Taliban, the former official stated that not one had ever attacked an American before 9/11 and confirmed that some Taliban leaders, far from common perceptions, are very "westernized," even favoring Johnny Walker Blue, their Scotch whisky of choice.

The retired State Department official also stated that Afghan President Hamid Karzai and former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad were college mates at the American University of Beirut where they were both identified by the CIA station in Beirut as future agents of influence for the United States. Khalilzad, an ethnic Pashtun, as is Karzai, became a U.S. citizen, was taken under the wing of arch-neocon Paul Wolfowitz, and became known as the top "expert" on Muslim and Arab affairs. The former State Department official said that Khalilzad was erely a "flunky" for such officials as Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Reagan Undersecretary of State Michael Armacost, and the RAND Corporation.
Wayne Madsen Report (in full) -
September 2, 2009 -- Arab governments forced to rely on AIPAC and AIPAC-linked lobbyists and influence peddlers: WMR has learned from two knowledgeable individuals that various Arab governments have been forced to use lobbyists affiliated with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) because Arabs have no chance of advancing their interests in Washington without the approval of lobbyists connected to Israeli interests.

Although the close ties between AIPAC and the American Turkish Council (ATC) are well-documented, especially after the disclosures of former FBI Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds, the links between AIPAC and lobbyists charging Arab governments exorbitant fees to advance their causes, is not as well known. A former State Department official told WMR that although most of the Israeli-connected lobbyists are close to the Israeli government, some, who are Jewish, are more independent of Israel. However, all are cashing in on opening doors for Arabs, including Palestinians, in Washington.

WMR was told by one Arab media source that CNN's Wolf Blitzer, a former official of AIPAC and a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, has vetted a number of Palestinian officials and Palestinian-Americans for relatively favorable exposure on CNN who are "pre-approved" by the Israeli government. The practice seriously calls into question CNN's journalistic integrity in its coverage of Middle East issues.

The former State Department official pointed to Morocco as one country that has entered into a strategic partnership with the Israeli Lobby in Washington to advance Moroccan interests. The post of U.S. ambassador to Morocco has been held two American Jews with close ties to AIPAC since the Clinton administration. Clinton's ambassador to Rabat was Marc Ginsberg. He was followed Edward Gabriel who served until the end of the Clinton administration. President Obama's ambassador to Morocco is Samuel Kaplan, a Minneapolis lawyer and Democratic Party activist and fundraiser.

The former State Department official said that when a former Algerian ambassador to Washington discovered that he had to deal with AIPAC-affiliated lobbyists to advance Algeria's interests in Congress and the White House, he was appalled. The State Department official told him to take a page from the Moroccans on lobbying as an Arab envoy in Washington.

One person cited as a key in the Israeli Lobby shakedown of Arab governments is said to be Representative Jane Harman (D-CA), who was the subject of a brief FBI investigation for engaging in questionable activities with Israeli embassy officials and a major AIPAC funder over interceding with the Justice Department to stop an investigation of AIPAC espionage in Washington on behalf of Israeli intelligence.

Another country that plays the AIPAC lobbyist card is Egypt, which receives billions of dollars in U.S. military assistance, all vetted beforehand by Israeli lobbyist interests in Washington. Daniel Kurtzer served as George W. Bush's ambassador to Israel from 2001 to 2005. Prior to that posting, Kurtzer, the former dean of Yeshiva University, served as Bill Clinton's ambassador to Egypt. Kurtzer is now the commissioner of the Israel Baseball League.
Solving 9-11: The Book - by Christopher Bollyn
The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies: An Iraqi doctor has told Sky News the number of babies born with deformities in the heavily-bombed area of Fallujah is still on the increase.

Concerns were that the rise in deformities may have been linked to the use of chemical weapons by US forces.
Has Blogger changed? (I am Evelyn!!!)

Norway Boycotts Israeli Security Firm Elbit: The Norwegian government has decided to divest from the Israeli security company Elbit over the construction of a barrier in Judea and Samaria. Norway's finance minister, Kristin Halvorsen, announced the decision at a news conference on Thursday.

Halvorsen was blunt in her criticism of the barrier, terming it a violation of international law. A council on ethics determined that investing in Elbit was “an unacceptable risk of complicity in serious violations of fundamental ethical norms,” she said.

Norway views the barrier as illegal because many sections are built to the east of the 1949 armistice line, in areas that European Union judges consider to be occupied Arab territory.
Norway Boycotts Israeli Security Firm Elbit: The Norwegian government has decided to divest from the Israeli security company Elbit over the construction of a barrier in Judea and Samaria. Norway's finance minister, Kristin Halvorsen, announced the decision at a news conference on Thursday.

Halvorsen was blunt in her criticism of the barrier, terming it a violation of international law. A council on ethics determined that investing in Elbit was “an unacceptable risk of complicity in serious violations of fundamental ethical norms,” she said.

Norway views the barrier as illegal because many sections are built to the east of the 1949 armistice line, in areas that European Union judges consider to be occupied Arab territory.
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