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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yet another war atrocity by the "brave American soldiers" captured on video - How many more are still out there?

The below video was twice removed by YouTube, in vain.
See this article that was written about this posting before the video was first removed. And this one after the second removal of the video, with video uploaded.

The video is now again available

And just in case, it has also become available here

This is yet another video of "Brave American" war criminals surrounding then shooting to death an unarmed old man (Removed).

Notice their fear as they circle around him and hear their filthy shouts to shoot him down even though he is unarmed.

هل يعرف أحد من هو هذا البطل العراقي؟ـ

هذا فيديو آخر يصور جريمة أخرى لجنود الأحتلال الجبناء وهم يحاصرون شيخا أعزل ثم يردونه قتيلا.. ـ

من الممكن سماع أصوات الجنود وهي تنادي بقتله، ومن ثم بإعتقاله بعد قتله!ـ
انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

PITIFUL -- POORLY TRAINED SOLDIERS who obviously don't know who's who and what's what. Orders must have been to KILL ANYTHING THAT WALKS. How sad is that.
No wonder there is so much PTSD in American soldiers.
Their consciences tell them what is happening is wrong -- and they seem powerless to stop it. Everyone looks like an "enemy" to these guys.
They don't have a clue but know they are being shot at by snipers.
WELL, NO KIDDING -- BIG DUH -- if an army was invading the USA you can bet your sweet ass that snipers would be on rooftops killing whoever walked by.
It's that simple.
Even simpler is the fact that we never belonged in Iraq and Afghanistan and we should not be in either place or anywhere in the Middle East.
Bring them all home so they can heal their souls.
And let the Iraqis and Afghanis deal with their own people and problems.
I don't think these are "POORLY TRAINED SOLDIERS" but criminals and cowards without any conscience.
They are the product of a society built on a few hundred years of violence, killing and aggression, and bringing these "boys" home will not heal the society or rid it of its evil. Americans have not learned from lessons of history and will never learn until they have a conscience!
YouTube has removed the video. If you will point me at another copy I will host it at my website

email link to
I have a copy of the video.
Email me at
Nonnegotiable: DELETE incriminating evidence; evil seeks out darkness.
Funded by Simon Wiesenthal Center, Museum of Tolerance unearths thousands of skeletons: The so-called Museum of Tolerance slated for construction on the oldest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem has resulted in the exhumation of more then 1000 people laid to rest there, Haaretz's Nir Hasson reported Tuesday.

... "They call this an archaeological excavation but it’s really a clearing-out, an erasure of the Muslim past. It is actually Jews against Arab." ... "They wanted to finish the whole story as fast as possible. It’s a known method. They wanted to create a done deed, after which people could yell all they wanted to, but there wouldn’t be any graves left anymore."
Found the video but this time it is labelled:
"Suicide Bomber Surrounded and Shot Dead by Marines".
They say he has a grenade in his hand. A grenade is not what a suicide bomber would use!!
I think he is a proud, brave man trying to keep them away snd defend his country, home or family from the invaders.

Suicide Bomber Surrounded and Shot Dead by Marines
The video is up again
Layla Anwar.
Video can bee seen on this link
Link for missing video
hallo Imad. The video has been removed from youtube but someone has uploaded it again. I reposted your piece on my website with the working (at least for the moment) video
The Israeli Role in the Plundering of Iceland: by Christopher Bollyn

The First Lady of Iceland, Dorrit Moussaieff, is an Israeli Jew, which adds a significant wrinkle to the whole plot. ...
Palestinian Economic Boycott Hits Israeli Settlers : "This is economic terrorism," complained the Yesha Council (YC), an umbrella organisation of municipal councils of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
! ! ! ! !
Why They Hate an Arab Miss USA: Some have alleged that this is a plot by Arabs to take over the beauty pageants.
Speaking of prisons . . .
Baghdad to enclose city with 15ft wall to keep suicide bombers out
The man has a sense of humor . . .
Obama Pledges New “International Order” At West Point: . . . as part of a national security strategy that emphasizes his belief in global institutions and America’s role in promoting democratic values around the world.

In Iraq, he said, the United States is "poised" to end its combat operations this summer, leaving behind "an Iraq that provides no safe haven to terrorists; a democratic Iraq that is sovereign, stable and self-reliant."

"We will promote these values above all by living them -- through our fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution, even when it's hard; and through our commitment to forever pursue a more perfect union," he said.
Wayne Madsen Report (excerpt) -
May 24, 2010 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago

Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama
- Donald Young, TUCC Choir director
- Larry Sinclair, gay escort
- Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama's "body man"
- Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate
- Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader
Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat
Leading secret alternate life styles, Obama and his chief of staff provide classic blackmail threats. Considering Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, who is reputedly a semi-open lesbian, the question must be posed how much Obama's and Emanuel's own covert life styles led to the decision to nominate Kagan, someone with no experience on a judicial bench.

Similarly, the fact that so much is known about Obama's and Emanuel's trysts in Chicago begs another important question. If politicians, gay community activists, and journalists in the Windy City are aware of Obama's and Emanuel's highly blackmailable gay life styles, the same can certainly hold true for the executives of one of Chicago's corporate headquarters -- that of BP America's Production Operations.

Throw in the intelligence agencies of America's allies, friends, enemies, and the situation becomes a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) US agencies have billions, trillions in investments while crying budget deficits

: by Ellen Brown

CAFR1 Makes a Challenge to - The San Francisco Chronicle: People have been sound-bite conditioned to think Government only generates tax income and that is where the public's focus is directed. In reality in combination of all local governments and the state from CA the investment capital is massive (noted above in excess of 8 trillion dollars) that generates in return revenue greater than all taxation collected in the state.

The public has been kept oblivious to the scope and size of these collective funds and through intentional misdirection pointed at tax income and expenditures dealt with. So your pie charts that give the impression of 100% is actually just 1/3rd of the pie when it comes down to government's true "gross income"
Pentagon’s Cyber Command Prepares War Against the American People: Early last week the Air Force assigned approximately 30,000 “digital troops” to “the front lines of cyber warfare,” a number that represents a third of the troops in Afghanistan. ...

The Cyber Command will naturally roll the usual “private enterprise” suspects into the mix. Later this week, the U.S. Strategic Command will hold a “cyberspace symposium” in Omaha, Nebraska. ...

It is not merely anti-war and patriot activists and organizations the government is targeting. Bloggers and journalists who are not part of the Mockingbird corporate media have also fallen into the sights of the government.

According to investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, at least some members of the NSA want to deal with pesky bloggers in a more direct and deadly fashion. In August of 2008, Madsen reported that an executive level NSA staff person was on record saying that significant sentiment exists within the NSA to kill troublesome bloggers and journalists.
Shadowy Schemers Converge on Spain: Bilderberg will meet June 4-7 at the Dolce Hotel in Sitges, Spain, 12 miles from Barcelona.
THE CHANGING TIDE IN THE JEWISH DIASPORA: The stereotypical Jewish mother of yesterday was often heard bragging about …
“My son the doctor ….”
“My son the lawyer ….”
“My son the investment counselor….”
The list was endless….

Today one hears …
“My son the organ trafficker….”
“My son the extortionist ….”
“My son the drug dealer ….”
Again, the list is endless….
Video (10 min): Welcome to America: LEAKED RECORDING AT US/CANADA CROSSING
Listen to the above Welcome to America comment posted by Evelyb and tell me that Americans are nice people.

This, and far worse, kinds of strutting, power-tripping harassment and abuse is inflicted on non-Americans, each and every day, all around the world, by America's global "national security" police state. (I especially liked the American border Gestapo comment that "if we grab your arm to strip search you, and you pull away from us, that's 'assault', and we can throw you in prison for thus 'assaulting' us"; in other words, classic, Orwellian doublespeak, where failure to submit to assault by American border thugs, equates, in American-speak, to 'assault' against the same guards.)

This one happens to be some poor schmuck Canadian who made the serious mistake of thinking that he could cross the border to do a little shopping at an American mall. Well, at least (unlike countless Iraqis, including the helpless old man shown here: he didn't get shot for having the temerity to talk back to an American.

Why does everyone in the rest of the world, have to put up with this kind of mistreatment, by "the One Remaining Superpower"? Who voted to give the Americans the right to do this, to us? (I sure didn't.)
Can someone please explain what it was that exploded at the end of that video?

Was the "unarmed" old man carrying something which exploded?

Peter D
These Soldiers we afraid. If you watch the video closely you the "old man" was injured in the shooting then
"HE set something off a grenade perhaps. You can also here someone shouting I'm Hit after the explosion. Ashamed the old man had to die but clearly looks like a suicide bomb attack to me.
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